How to Fix the Error 3194 Update or Restore iPhone, iPod or iPad

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Ne DFU mode restore attempt impossible. Someone can help me?

ios8 3194

How to Fix Error 3194? impossible to restore

How to Fix the Error 3194 Update or Restore iPhone, iPod or iPad

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Error 3194 appears when you try to upgrade or to downgrade the iOS firmware and either Apple has stopped signing that version and do not have the SHSH is either a problem with the HOST file of your computer, you have to aim to fix the file Apple's servers rather than to Saurik (Cydia). 
In Windows: Go to "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc" 
On Mac: Go to the folder / etc 
Having closed itunes. The "hosts" file must be deleted without fear nothing happens. 
Do not restart the PC. 
Open iTunes. 
Add to UDF or Restore mode. 
Tighten the shift + alt key and open the iOS 4.3.3 
Note: iTunes keeps ipsw in "C :/ users / root / AppData / Roaming / Apple Computer / iTunes /" last actulización, prior to the delete bin.

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answered Mar 26, 2014 by blandera (6,540 points)
Open cmd and locate host file, in Window c:windowssystem32driversetc Open hosts file and make sure you have administrator privileges.  Add this line :  Restart you computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer and wait still recovery Icon shows up.Now restore your iPhone, iPad, 
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I think I messed up, I lost contacts, apps. Hehe I'm an asshole restored in another computer, and of course there was nothing lol both in the last step fuss. Now I ask another iTunes to see if I get it. THANK YOU!! You are all about cracks!
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I if I put it in this thread also have problems with the damn Error 3194. Currently I have a ipone 4 with iOS 6 and would lower it to 5.0.1, as it is the last saved certificate. 
I tried to do it in 2 ways and 2 give me the damn error, I customized the firmware but when restoring it on itunes always get the error 3194. 
I deleted entries apple Host file and follow the same 
That you can tell me about it? 
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answered Mar 26, 2014 by blandera (6,540 points)
Fix Error 3194 With the Help of Unlock iPhone If doing all of above process you are not successful to fix Error 3194 then first check your iPhone is this Unlock. If your iPhone is not unlock it may possible your restore will not done successful. So first Unlock iPhone then try to restore may after unlocking iPhone Error 3194 will not come
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Why Exits the Error 3194 in iTunes to update or restore iPhone, iPod, iPad? 
These errors can occur when we are going to upgrade or even restore our iOS devices, for various reasons that we leave then: 
iTunes, Apple's media player is not able to communicate with the server upgrade and restoration ( * 
We do not have the latest version of iTunes. 
If you're going to do the downgrade to a previous firmware version, it is likely that the version of iOS you're trying to install on your device is no longer signed by Apple. 
* The communication failure is usually caused when the connection is being blocked, redirected or interrupted either by security software, new entries in the hosts file or any other third party software.
Solution to Error 3194 Update or Restore iPhone, iPod touch or iPad 
In order to solve this problem in our iOS devices, we must perform the following steps: 
First of all, it is very important to have the latest version of iTunes installed, if you already have iTunes on your computer can check for updates as follows: 
Mac: Choose iTunes> Check for Updates 
Windows: Choose Help> Check for Updates 
Certain software applications may modify your hosts file, which can prevent your computer from accessing the update server. 
Note: If an application has modified the hosts file on your computer, you probably have to uninstall the application before editing the hosts file.
restore iphone errorr 3194
If the problem persists and you have some mechanism of TCP / IP filtering, firewall or security software installed on your computer, you must properly configure your software or uninstall it temporarily. 
Some third-party routers may have settings or network security that come from factory and blocking access to the update server.
If this is your case, just have to disconnect the router and connect directly to the network access provider Internet.
You may have to restart your computer and modem before attempting the restore. 
If these steps do not have helped solve the problem it is advisable to restore from another computer that you know has worked well with other devices.


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