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The fact is that I have an iphone and ipad synchronized by iCloud, and is there any number of things that gustaira do not get me (perhaps because it is not possible).
1 - When I download an app, I was low on both devices, but I would like that when I erase one erase also the other ... this is possible?
2 - In the cases have customized the notification center ... it is possible to put the iPad with the same settings automatically or do I have to pedal?
3 - games, not the stage where I go, that is, in the Ipad game and go for the stage 8, and then I go home is updated, put the iphone and go for the 3. Say you go ... independently you can be synchronized?
thanks to all


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1. You can not automatically
2. A hand
3. Depending on the game, there are games that synchronize by Game Center and iCloud not, others have own server and others simply do not synchronize ...

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