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Then one day take the nexus 5 I have some doubts :
1 - can you remove the google search bar that goes on all screens ? How?
2 - Is it possible to organize the order applications ? I do not mean you are placed on the main desk but to those in the other side where all . In the galaxy s but if I could not like this .
3 - Someone who has a nexus 4 or 5 know where to buy a cheap case ? Do they sell in the Chinese cases for nexus 5 ?
4 - With the galaxy s i9000 had many problems installing the go launcher , I think was his name , we will refer to me that the application used to change the appearance of menus and more. Can it be installed without problems ? my galaxy s with me crashed and I had to format it.
5 - Is the notification led is just white light ? I have repeatedly seen flashing white but I doubt that .
6 - When playing games the screen buttons are not removed to put it in full screen is there any way?
And those are my questions for now . It seems a buenisimo mobile except for little details like not being able to remove the battery, not having radius ( I listen a lot).

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Step by step.
1. To remove the search bar changes from launcher. There are countless on Google Play , I'd especially like Nova Launcher ( which has a free version ) .
2 . You'll also related to the launcher , you can customize the order of the applications if you change the launcher.
3 . Cases cheap in many places as there Dealextreme , there usually have 3 or 4 euros.
4 . In principle you would not have to have any problem.
5 . The multicolor LED is , there are several applications that allow you to select the color according to the application that generated the notification but rarely does not include them by default because some applications and allow you to select the color as I recall Whatsapp .
6. I thought one of the new KitKat was able to remove the buttons in full screen but is not automatically deactivated think you have to get in trouble for mods or roms and honestly I do not think it's worth right now but if you Google " Remove Nexus fullscreen button 5 " or so sure you'll miss out somehow.
Good luck and enjoy your purchase much envy on my part ! lol

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You respond quickly to all I know for now ... Yes, there are cases in Chinese, I found it in a bazaar, and the notification LED is RGB, you can modify the app "LigthManager" Free!
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