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Hello everyone! I have a HP 17-inch laptop with Intel core i7 500 GB of memory with w7 has more or less two years, is supposed to be one of the best, but overheats very quickly and is very slow, and for example if I'm listening music fans will trompicones.He tested and even takes 15 minutes more going to stumble as usual. It is normal? You think I should do? I clean it? Formatting? Carry it repaired? Thanks in advance !!

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The thermal paste is placed between the heatsink and CPU / GPU, and serves to help transfer the heat to the heatsink, if the thermal paste is not in good condition heat is not dissipated, there are some that are of better quality than transferred better reducing heat more degrees than others, to put what you have to do is remove the heatsink, clean sink, CPU and GPU (if any) with 96% alcohol or the like (having high strength which helps to avoid crossings) and put the new dough is uniform and without going in the amount as some conduct electricity and if it falls into the board could make a crossing.

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I think you have a somewhat serious problem. I have a Vaio F series also with Core i7 and 500GB and runs pretty well. I think the first thing you should do is Format. If it works you should see if your HDD does not have a fault that this slowing of operation. If not the HDD may not have sufficient RAM (which I doubt since being Core i7 need to have at least 4GB) But do what you say in that order. If not any of that now if you see a hardware expert.
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Hi, I think of cleaning the fans is pretty good, I also have an HP with i7 and goes very fast, it is also true that quite heated but this is normal, do not worry because the processor can operate at very high temperatures . I guess that will have 4GB of RAM so do not think that's a problem. What format the Win is a mistake, does not have to be Win, we are always giving judgments, and Win7 is going well, you have to see it is that this running at all times and why stops. You have adequate antivirus? it is likely that most of the power is going into sub're not using. I7 goes a long way.
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I start trying to boot into safe mode (you turn on your computer and continually pressing F8). This starts only the minimum components. If not heated then is you have programs running in normal mode that cause these unwanted effects. Use the msconfig command to disable the start all programs except the antivirus. Uninstall any programs you do not use, especially those listed by the manufacturer not usually serve for nothing. You can also start it and immediately press the pause button, which does not continue with the operating system load and wait to see if heated. A greeting.
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