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Hello friends,  I had a htc desire hd, which was also the best of running android which was great, then God forgive me and I got a iphone 4s 32gv, even what I but no longer use it because I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 that caught my attention and it is no big deal, but it is very slow,,, sorry, it is very slow, wrong or too slow,,,, need your opinion besides your help., comparing it with iphone is too slow, and I do not give reason to crazy iphone, I am unconditional of android,,, my question. How can I improve my Samsung galaxy s3??. Thank you very much. .

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Well first hello here users like me, we will help as we possibly can. To begin, I must tell you that I'm using Galaxy S3 and I can assure you that works for me perfectly, but note that I'm a maniac for updates, that is, I love having my updated to limit device, giving in fact I'm a big gaming and you know perfectly well that the games graphics contribute to slower devices. Remarkably, I used my terminal to the limit by playing, downloading, etc. and I can assure you I will perfect. 
But, I have to ask you something ... For starters, what version of Android? Have? baseband version, kernel, etc, if you post your specs here, I can help you better. Also específicame if your terminal is in some company, thank you very much, I'll help you but I need you to tell me that.

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3.0.31 is the version of the dremel
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Have reason, is that despite us bad faster. 
I can not see the catch but I guess you put as little android version is 4.1.2 
3.0.31es kernel version. 
Faster? Changing a cooked ROM. 
Not seeing any around here I recommend you pass through here. ROMs and development Samsung Galaxy S III - HTCMania
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thank you very much, I'll try.
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