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After downloading various apps you gave me error message because it could not finish downloading and told me to connect to iTunes. There I went message that iTunes did not recognize this cases, error message oxe000000 Nose few. and then I retry and is unfazed. What I can do it?
When the apple reset appears a few seconds and then fades to black
With two buttons it appears, disappears and reappears ... and when loose after a few seconds fade to black ...
Someone can guide me what I do. Now I connect it to itunes or macbookpro and opens.

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I suppose you've tried: Press the power button and at the same time and when you see the apple loose everything.
If not start well, then restore with iTunes putting the iPad in DFU mode.
I do not know if there will be any other way, I am not an expert.
Greetings and it's nothing.
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It is recognized that neither the ipad when I connect, iTunes does not open and no cases appear connected. Still does not start. If someone comes up with something, thanks !!
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Both the iPad and iPhone keep both buttons pressed resets the device, but if you keep pressed turns off completely.
Try to turn it off completely and thus connect with open iTunes. Give your time because sometimes it restarts several times but in one of those restarts again.
If this does not work, try again turn it off completely, unplug, press the Home button (the round), and turn it back without releasing connect. Then you should enter Restoration (connect to iTunes screen) mode and enable restore.
Ultimately, DFU mode is achieved starting off, the two buttons are pressed and 10 seconds flat (at least in the iPhone. Control them with a clock) Power (rectangular) button is released. If you entered DFU good, the screen is still black as if iTunes recognizes it off but offers the Restoration.
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And do not forget to restart your Mac. To see if iTunes is caught or something ....
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you had installed cydia and you've updated today ????
today has come a new update to this application and is giving this kind of screenshots
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For that, after using the iPad quite normally and without incident since I bought it, yesterday I was using for a while and in the end I put in charge to reuse it today, but I have been unpleasantly surprised that there lights or boot up. In other words, it does nothing, or appears apple or give any signs of life (?)
A colleague that this type of incident has happened, I could indicate how to solve it?
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Try to leave pressed the power button and front button simultaneously for a while, to see if the manzanita appears and comes to life.
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Magister, when you say that you put in charge you mean to connect to the wall charger or computer?
If it was to the wall charger, try to connect the iPhone to make sure it works properly.
If the charger does not work correctly, try again by changing the cable iPhone charger.
If the charger is working properly, try to reconnect it, making sure that the connector is securely seated in the IPAD and leave it connected a while. If you have not loaded correctly and the battery is completely discharged, sometimes you need a charging time to accumulate the energy required to remove the device.
Ultimately, if none of this works, you'll need to use the guarantee. All we can touch the rotten apple. ;)
a greeting
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Today I have double joy back to reconnect with my old friend and classic in these matters and also obtain specific response to my "evil".
I hope we can resolve it by following your instructions and otherwise will have no choice but to take it to the dealer where I bought it to manage about Apple repair. Skip to say that the iPad is not mine, but one of my sons that I gave him the occasion of his birthday. ;)
A HUG, wise
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I write as a bit desperate since I have tried to find solutions everywhere and I have not found so already I have left before contacting Apple support.
It turns out that one day I started to restore my ipad and was "hung" with the iOS does not start me. The ipad is turned on, the apple appears but then never happens ... I tried boot into recovery mode but when I connect the pc or macbook neither recognizes that a connected device. I know there is no problem with computers because they detect anything like my iPhone.
I just try also work on a pc and nothing, neither recognizes.
Does anyone comes up with a solution or directly contacting Apple I? : P
A greeting and thanks in advance!
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Soriel've joined your theme with this other thread, try some of the suggested solutions
Good luck with the iPad
Thanks, I was looking this thread which sounded seeing him long ago and could not find him (that is what has to be currando at this time, there is no time for much: P)

Let's see if I can resurrect the beast
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my way I do not care, not light, not contectaba with itunes .....
after going crazy and search online, I found the solution, until it occurred to me that could be a problem of iTunes, so, as I have a backup of drive "C" for the use ... and After cleaning the computer, I install iTunes again and voilaaaaaaa worked.
If you have a copy of the operating system, better go home from a friend or relative, install iTunes and connect your iPad, then restores ...
I hope you serve
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