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The solution they give us is very simple, we just follow a simple step. Please note that this solution only works if you have enabled location services, so if you have disabled usually you should not have problems with the WiFi:
On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings <Privacy <Location <System Services and once here we disable the switch marked "Connecting Wi-Fi network."
As a disclaimer, this does not disable your WiFi device, it simply disables a setting that seems abnormally affecting the speed of access to our iPhone or iPad. Another solution proposed by some users and appears to have been successful is to reset the network settings of the device. To do this, we go to Settings <General <Reset and select the "Reset Network Settings" option.
In any case, if in the coming days will show that this is a widespread problem, Apple should not take long to launch iOS 8.0.1. Stay tuned to the blog and we will inform you of any possible innovation by Apple.

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