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What to do if your iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 is unresponsive.

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I have always said that what makes Apple marketed the world's best selling smartphone is iOS, it's just a personal opinion, but I'm sure many iPhone are sold because of how good it is iOS.


However, this does not mean that iOS is perfect and sometimes it happens that the device is locked and does not respond to button presses, or the touch screen simply goes black with the lock screen. For all these cases we give a number of tricks and tips that can help you to unlock your iPhone.


If you can already if the iPhone has few buttons and it happens that the touch screen locks look a little lost to "revive" the terminal. Here we will explain a number of situations that can occur and what would be valuable to correct the failures that can shed iOS.



1. If you are failing only a particular application can force its closure. Double tap the Home button followed and, after locating the preview of APP that is giving problems, run the application upward.


2. Restart your iPhone. Sometimes you just restart the terminal, if you let it.


3. Reset your device. If you was not enough proof to the previous step to reset by pressing the Power button and the Home button for more than 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. If you fail to reset so try to do it through iTunes.


4. Contact Apple. If you can not do anything that indicated in the first three steps you just have to contact the technical service of Apple.

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