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How to take screenshot on LG G4 Stylus?

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Method 1: Make screenshots on LG  G4 Stylus
The easiest and simplest way is to do it as usual, by pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time, considering that the power button is on the back of the terminal. If you are used to the previous LG you will be comfortable but when you come from a side button is somewhat more complicated.
Just make sure to take screenshots without notifications through there is nothing uglier. The screenshots you take with this method are saved in the Pictures folder inside your gallery for you to view later, if you want to share the capture when you click on the capture and ready.
Method 2: screenshots LG  G4 Stylus
This method is more complicated and less opportunistic but the truth is that using QMemo to take screenshots offers possibilities that normal screenshot does not give you. Because you can take the screenshot and then make entries and changes within it.
Find QMemo in rapid adjustments that are in the top bar of Android (may be at the end of the list but it is likely that at the center). You just have to press QMemo and make sure the display is as desired and the screenshot will be taken. Some people go crazy drawing everywhere and then share that great work of art. Have they been doubts about the screenshots in the LG G4?
Solution1 does not work. I wanna try solution2 . my cell phone model is lg g4 stylus h450
solution 2 is much easier than solution 1. then saved it to qmemo or gallery. many thanks osky
Done it !! Arigato
Solution 1 worked for me took me a couple tries but it does work with using just one finger pressing power and volume down button at the same time.
Solution 2 is much easier to apply than S1 which didn't work out on my Stylus.
Both are great . you can use as per need.
I've never been able to use first method either so I have been using Quick memo+ for a long time. It's a Great app with some awesome features! However I have an unsolved problem. Sometimes it will be blank! Why does it do that and how do I get around the problem????????? Heeeeelllpp!!!!
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How to screenshots
The lock button and volume down button fir screen shoy doesn't function with my phone.then when i click the qmemo only plain white background shows
Option one worked for me. Difficult with arthritic hands though.
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