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How to take a screenshot on LG G5

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As with most Android smartphones, make a screenshot with the LG G5 is really simple. However, to do this we must take into account a number of tricks that I will show today and combine both device buttons and the embedded software.

As you know, the button layout of the latest flagship of the Koreans is quite curious, but that does not prevent us from using them to capture the screen. It is located at the rear, with one hand we will be able to take a picture of what is present on the screen at that time. This first method, as happens with other phones with Google's operating system is based on the use of the button to lower the volume and turn on / off the terminal.

In this case, these buttons are the middle and below, as you can see in the animated image. After pressing the two buttons simultaneously, you will see how the effect is activated screenshot. In addition, the image is saved in the folder of the device catches for us when we want to visit in the Gallery application. In case we want to share the moment, we just swipe down the notification to display the option to share.

Now if this option will not be too intuitive, the QMemo + available on the LG G5 application also allows us to make screenshots. When we are ready, we just drag your finger from the button bar software (ie, where the back button, Home and Multitasking appears) up, selecting the QMemo + option (the icon in the form of Q, right) . This will make the picture of what at the moment is on the screen is captured, can write or draw over it before saving
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