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How to take screenshot on  LG G4 

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The truth is that it is extremely simple, just need to press the Volume down button pressed POWER button at the same time and the image will be saved in the gallery.

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Through software
As simple as using application called LG QuickMemo +. This program was designed to allow us to take notes on screenshots from our smartphone, such as a map or a phone contact. The fact is that no matter if we take notes or not, the result is a snapshot itself. So we just have to open QuickMemo +, which can be done in two ways: one is sliding your finger from the bottom of the screen up and select the option to the right, the other option is Google Now; the other possibility is in the notification bar, where there is a shortcut to the application.
At the moment QuickMemo +, we can write about it, take notes, scribble ... or do nothing, whatever you prefer. To save the screenshot you must click on the save button and saved to the Pictures folder QuickMemo.
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It is very nice when it works.
My problem is that the quick memo+ doesn't make any screen shot.
I'll be more than happy if I can have an answer to my email;
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As mentioned above, how to make a screenshot with the physical buttons on the LG G4, it is possible to press simultaneously power both as the volume down. Although it may be a little weird at first, the action taken will become the animation take a screen shot.
Screenshot by QuickMemo +
Aside from having the method of the above keys, there is another way to make a screenshot in the G4, and this is by using an option that has QuickMemo + app.
Screenshot with LG G4
As you do to launch Google Now from the home button at any terminal with Android 4,2,4,4 kitkat and lollipop, to select QuickMemo + ring that appears to hold several seconds on home, you have the right to select QuickMemo +. By doing this you will take directly a screenshot, and from here you can draw on it, annotate or save in your gallery.
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As mentioned above, saving a screenshot is ridiculously easy on Android devices, and the same can be By all LG phones. All you need to do is simply push and hold both the power button and volume keys while idle. Since the G4 has buttons on the back may feel strange, but place your finger in a way in which you can press both at the same time.

Briefly holding down the power and volume down buttons simultaneously and release it, and see the animation on the screen and listen to the capture screen. That is all. Your phone saves everything that is being displayed, and can be accessed from the gallery. You can do it as you wish, or enter edit mode and trim the edges while adding a little flair to any of the many editing tools available for Android.

If you try and it does not work, try again. They are hit simultaneously with a brief pause, and then let go. Timing is everything, and it's easier than you realize.
But there is a second method that is technically even easier, but still find myself using the above method of habit. LG has a feature called QuickMemo + is essentially a way to quickly and easily take notes or reminders, and screenshots. QuickMemo Press the + button on the quick adjustments drop-down notification bar and screenshots what is on the screen. From here you can draw on it, to edit, crop and more similar to what we have mentioned above.

Everything is easy and only takes seconds. Personally button combination is easier, because you can then only share from your gallery or bar notification, versus having to keep and do all the other things with QuickMemo +. The LG G4 will be released from most companies in the US soon, and we'll have more about how tos as liberation.
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