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How to fix the error of the Samsung Galaxy "Not registered on the network"

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How to fix the error of the Samsung Galaxy "Not registered on the network," it is the worst and most annoying problem that users can experience on their Samsung Galaxy. Not registered on the network occurs on all Samsung phones and does not let you use the SIM card. In this way, you can not make calls, send text messages or connect to the Internet using mobile data.
There are many reasons why the error "Not registered on the network" takes on Samsung Galaxy devices, but the main reason is that the phone does not recognize the SIM card. If your phone does not recognize the SIM card, then the service provider can not connect with the IMEI and, therefore, you can not connect to the phone.
When the Samsung Galaxy can not communicate with the SIM card, you receive the error "Not registered on the network." This is the most serious problem because it captures the basic functionality of a phone make phone calls and send text messages.
However, these are the devices that the error "is not registered on the network" looks more:
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy S2
How to fix the error of the Samsung Galaxy "Not registered on the network"
Method 1
The first method has to do with the old software updates that may contain bugs related to the SIM card.
Sometimes, users are still running older versions of Android firmware TouchWiz. To resolve this problem, you must upgrade to the latest version of Android available for your phone.
Step 1: Go into settings of the device.
Step 2: Click on your device.
Step 3: Tap Software update.
Step 4: Select the update check.
Step 5: Install the latest update on the device.
Method 2
The Samsung Galaxy devices have a lot of development support. There are many custom ROMs that users can install.
These devices have a common problem when EFS files and IMEI are corrupt and Baseband version displays Unknown. This is because the entire folder EFS, which is responsible for the mobile service is damaged. Read this guide how to back up and restore partitions and EFS folder IMEI. (In English) This will resolve the error is not registered on the network.
Method 3
micro sim not registered on the network
Most devices require Samsung Galaxy card micro-SIM instead of standard SIM card of older phones. If you had the old SIM card, and you had to cut to fit your phone. There are special tools that mobile operators use to cut the SIM card. If you tried to cut the paper yourself, it is a high probability that you have damaged accidentally touching the gold.
I have suggested how to solve, but if you really see that these solutions are not effective, then you should bring it to service.
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