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how to fix The network path was not found error

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That record seems to be a DC that is not registering correctly in the DNS.
It could be related.

Check whether to resolve this issue from the equipment in question (TAPI3 ...) run the following from the CMD:
net stop netlogon
net startnetlogon
ipconfig / flushdns
ipconfig / registerdns

Regarding the problem of origin do the following.
In the properties of the network card on the client computer checks in the advanced properties of TCP / IP is selected: "Register in DNS addresses this connection".

Also select system properties in the Control Panel.
Select the "Advanced System Settings" option in the new window that opens select computer name.
Here you select the "Change ..." and then the button "MORE ..."
There outlined in "Primary DNS suffix of this team," the domain name of your computer.

After the above done reboot your computer and try again submit it to the domain.

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