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How to fix itunes error application support not found

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On your computer go to 

start> control panel> uninstall quick time

create a folder o your desktop  than install quick time latest version again  in this folder

create a new text document in this folder give a  name the text document  fix.bat

open the text document and paste "QuickTimeInstaller.exe /extract" on it and save text document .

than double click on fix.bat it will extract to the quick time instalations files 

install the apple aplications support programs in this folder.


finally click the quick time.exe on your desktop it will work






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Thanks for the solution mater although the bat explanation is a bit messy. You can just extract the zip files with any tool like 7zip or you can just the Console (cmd). Maybe for newbies the easier it is to create a shorcut and add / extract to the end of the file although it does not hurt to learn a bit of console commands in order to solve this kind of problems.
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