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How to edit a android apk?

I would like to start this topic so that together we can make it clear how you can create and edit .apk files.
Any help will be very great.
Apparently to modify a .apk file, you must first see inside and a decompressor for example winrar can do but watch that the slightest alteration of its content and the file is useless and can not be installed on android because these files be signed.
They sign anyone know?
With that program you can do?
A greeting ..

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Get off the Apkmanager. It works like a charm! When finished exams this week I do a tutorial on how to modify .apk
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good supply. But it seems complicated to use.
I do it with winrar, needless sign or anything, you open it with winrar, you edit what you want and how remains .apk not have to touch more.
The really use the program are 4 things, select, compile, compile and sign. The "complicated" is to change the .apk as you want. The tutorial I'm going to do, how will change .apk that can be modified with Photoshop. Let me explain. There are some programs, such as the only way to change them is by .xml files, but there are others, as may be the fancywidget, and a lot more of them, but a lot is done through images, and the only thing to do is change the picture as we want. It is that right now I can not because I'm on exams, but if tomorrow have already finished pull out a gap and I do!
If the truth is there are some that can be modified, which are free and all, but the vast majority are signed by its creator and can not be changed.
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as well I have indicated, the easiest way is to use the apk manager but you can also use the apktool.jar
with apktool.jar would be:
1. Loading the framework-res.apk
java -jar apktool.jar if framework-res.apk
2nd. To decompile one .apk
java -jar apktool.jar d <application name> .apk <application name>
java -jar apktool.jar d Launcher2.apk Launcher2
3rd. To compile a apk
java -jar apktool.jar b <application name> <application name> -new.apk
java -jar apktool.jar b Launcher2 Launcher2-new.apk
With this we can change the XML files that are compiled into binary files and modify all .9.png
If we want to translate something, for example an application of the market, the languages are in the resources.arsc
There are applications that sign them if needed, sometimes not.
The best tool to scratch an application is "Eclipse"
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