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how to edit android autocorrect dictionary?

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How to enable or disable the spell checker Android

Surely more than once have written an SMS, WhatsApp or mail and automatic spell checker Mobile hath played tricks, changing one word for another that thinks correct. Sometimes nothing happens and only lose a little sense. Others, can even lead to misunderstandings.
And no one has gone to a concert and no one is Lady Click to see some hairs. All these failures are due to a very strict spelling checker that if we bother than help (because it also helps many failures come because we use abbreviations do not understand), we must and can be disabled.
Image - To activate or deactivate the spelling checker Android
It's very simple. We go to the main menu and click on Settings. Once there, click on the Language and keyboard (or languages ​​and text input), we give the keyboard we're using (you may have installed several) and deselect auto (or self-correct or spell checker). To activate it again, just follow the same steps and select the correction.
After deactivate it when writing messages mobile not suggest us any word or automatically corrected. Of course, we will not play any tricks, but do not correct our spelling errors.
If you deactivate, and worth not say that the fault is the spelling checker when you say to a friend "if we are to have" or "because I vat to home." You are warned.
And you, have you played a trick on the spell checker?
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