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how to edit android contacts on pc

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Manager android phone (android sync with a PC) -  MobileGo

A convenient feature of the program is that to work with MobileGo not need, is to manually install the client on your phone, you need to connect your phone via cable, and a client for the smartphone will be installed automatically. Also noteworthy is that the synchronization with the PC, not only through usb cable, but also Wi-Fi (pc sync android).

After connecting the device MobileGo displays a page that displays the screen of your phone or tablet. If you wish, you can make a screenshot  and save it.

For managing music and video files and photos stored on the device are individual tabs in the interface.

Files can be sorted by name, size and time of creation, videos on the format, and the music is also obscene. Audio and video from your phone, you can view using the built-in player. For the audio files are available for quick button set melodies as ringona.

Managing contacts is not limited to view and edit records in MobileGo there is a tool to automatically find duplicate contacts , with which you can get rid of duplicate entries by merging some of them.


In the section about working with text messages, you can view SMS, mark them as read, delete, export, and send messages . When a new SMS or incoming calls MobileGo notifies.

If your laptop battery is out of order, you do not panic and buy a new laptop, enough to buy a new one, but the battery for a laptop  to be sure of the original.

Application Manager is very lucid : each program is represented by an icon of its (on the device), and the specified version, size and time of installation. The application can back up to your computer, move on SD-Kapty and remove. In addition, MobileGo supports rapid installation of new programs and games - it is enough to specify the path to the saved file ARC on your computer and choose the place of installation.

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Click on a contact, waiting for a little bit - a context menu appears, there is a point "Change." And I want to tell once: contacts can be stored either on a SIM, or for SD, or GMail, or third-party services. When creating a contact - a choice: where to store (you can also set the default settings). We strongly recommend to all contacts stored in GMail! It is much easier to synchronize your phone with your PC and how to edit contacts. For example, I am a very detailed address book: for each contact all references, references and more. It is easier to do with a PC, so you need to place contacts in GMail and sync. If you need to transfer existing contacts from the SIM and SD in GMail - that's sequence of actions (I have guided them once):

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An android file manager could help you manage your android phone contacts on computer easily.
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Edit android phone contacts .You can use some android assistant to help transfer phone contacts on computer .Then edit contacts so easy !

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Android manager tool will help you edit android contacts on pc, more, it can also transfer files from android to pc.
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