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Why is only my cell phone turned off? Possible causes and solutions

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If you want to know why only your cell phone turns off despite the fact that it indicates that it has a battery, you have come to the right place. This problem will only have two ways to look for the cause, be it due to direct failures in the software , thanks to a decalibration, or a damaged battery .


Possible causes of sudden power failure

The cell phone can be turned off only in case of:

  • Software instability due to an application, this could be a cause in case the phone turns off when performing specific tares or when running an app.
  • Errors in the software due to lack of update.
  • Excessive overheating of the phone.
  • Battery mismatch.
  • Damaged battery.

Possible solutions if only your cell phone is turned off

The first thing you can try to do is detect if an application is causing problems . Have you recently installed any app? In this case you just have to uninstall it. In case it does not work you can continue with the following solutions:

Calibrating your battery

The reasons why the calibration of a battery is lost are unknown, that is, the relationship and connection that the physical battery maintains with the phone software is dissociated, preventing it from accurately measuring the actual percentage of charge.

When calibrating the cell phone, it seeks to eliminate from the database those erroneous files, which in this case are giving bad information on the percentage of the battery. In some cases you can calibrate the mobile phone without being rooted or needing root access , it all depends on the mobile you have, you can search for its characteristics and steps to calibrate it.

Update device software

Verify that the software is up-to-date, by entering the settings in the "About" - Updates tab.

Factory software reset

You can try this method when you have already tried the above described. Since it is a more tedious process, in which you can lose all the information. Make sure to back up all your contacts and files beforehand, have all the information from your associated accounts on hand and that the device has at least a 40% battery.

Perform battery replacement

On those computers where the battery is removable, remove it from the computer and view it, look for any physical damage it may have (if it is inflated, larger, burned in a corner or even if it has a strange burning smell) can result in the diagnosis end of the equipment download problem, being the cause of the uncontrolled percentage indicated by the loading software.

The option to this problem is easy, but it cannot be denied that something expensive, you just have to buy a battery compatible with your mobile equipment, preferably an original replacement. Let us avoid at all costs the purchase of generic batteries or chargers, which are not original, as they are the main causes of the accelerated deterioration of your mobile equipment, which leads to major problems.

Detect if the battery is damaged

It is very common to find this problem on mobile devices with a long time of use. Or in those computers where it is customary to charge it incorrectly, either by doing it for hours, on or even leaving it overnight.

It is easy to notice when this problem appears, as it suddenly begins to shut down , or other features such as dialing uncontrolled battery percentages , witnessing excessively rapid battery discharges , or even the so-called " battery paralysis " where the percentage remains frozen and then suddenly completely discharges.

How to prevent the battery from deteriorating quickly?

To avoid the same incidents in the future with the new battery, you should change your charging and mobile usage habits , mainly avoiding charging it for long hours after you have completed its charge percentage, charging it on, using chargers that are not original or even that are from other equipment and avoid using it while charging. All this will guarantee the life time of the device and its battery.

If you use all this knowledge and advice that we have given you, you will surely prolong the useful life of your mobile equipment, and also solve your problem of erroneous percentages of charge.

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