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Error: "The mobile network is not available": causes and solutions

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Error: "The mobile network is not available" The reality is that this details is usually very common. And yes, it is normal for the device to display the message “network not available” when we run out of signal, especially if we are somewhere where there is little coverage, spaces such as a basement or on the outskirts of the city; in those places the signal that is transmitted by the antennas is very weak and because of this we were isolated.


But still there are devices that lose the signal even in public places, where there is nothing obstructing the network, and the truth is that this is very annoying. But then what do we do ?; Well, stay with us and pay close attention to the following article, where you will learn the causes and solutions to this problem.

Let's first look at the causes of this error.


Causes of Error: "The mobile network is not available"

The truth is that there are several probable causes for this particular failure so let's go through all of them.

To start with, the SIM card may not be working correctly, to verify that, what we must do is take out the SIM card, carefully clean the slot where the card is placed and insert it back into the device, done this we restart the mobile.

Another thing that contributes to the failure is that when we are in a specific area and we move the phone registers the signal from the last antenna, so if we are far away obviously we will not have a signal. But to verify that this is not the case, we have to restart the mobile or, if necessary, put it in airplane mode for a few minutes. This will establish the connection again.

In the event that you have bought a used phone, you should verify that it establishes a connection, since otherwise it may be a stolen device, and if that is the case, we will tell you that the cell phone is blocked due to a report of theft, for That reason you will not have a signal on your cell phone.

The most common reason for the lack of signal is that you simply have not paid the monthly debt and the company has decided to either temporarily block or suspend the service.

Now let's see how we can solve this failure, and thus prevent the message "mobile network not available" from appearing.

Error: "The mobile network is not available" Possible Solutions

Below we will see some solutions for this error, follow us step by step.

Search the Network manually

This is the first solution but it is considered as effective as the others.

  1. Go to: Configuration> settings> more networks> networks> network operators.
  2. Once there you can choose between: "Search networks" 0 "Automatically select the network". If you have chosen to "search for networks" you only have to wait a few minutes and then restart the device.

Hard reset

The following is a very logical solution, especially due to the practicality it offers us.

  1. Backup each and every one of the files you have on your mobile.
  2. Perform a Hard reset on your device.

Once that was done the problem should have been fixed.

Update Firmware

In the event that the previous solutions have not given you a satisfactory result, try updating your firmware, so you do:

  1. You must go to Settings
  2. Once there you look for the option: About the device
  3. There you will give: Software update
  4. Search for updates

Once it is already updated there should be no problem with the network.

We always remember that the manipulation of your device is the responsibility of the user. Therefore, perform each of the procedures accurately and on your own initiative. Surely you will be able to solve the failure and enjoy again all the benefits of your device.

If you have any error greater than that described, the ideal is to locate an expert since if the problem persists, it is most likely due to a hardware failure in your device. And for this, an intervention with technical personnel is required.

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