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Pending download in Play Store: causes and solutions

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Google Play Store is the best platform to download applications and buy digital items for Android. Millions of users enjoy its fluidity and variety; But, there are times when the device that we are using begins to put obstacles when we want to download the content from the platform.

One of the most common obstacles is the annoying message, " Download pending ", when we try to download any application, we always think that our Internet connection or mobile data is failing or that the application is down, but when verifying that it is not even a Neither the other, we are thinking more than we should.

Fortunately the solutions to this problem, when we rule out the flaw in our internet connection, are quite simple, so we are not going to worry too much.


Why does “Pending Download” appear when trying to download an application from the Play Store

So far the reasons why this message appears have been counted. Specifically there are three reasons that can cause this problem, all of them have to do with the operation of the application on the device and not due to a failure of the platform or the servers.

  1. Cache and Google Play Store data stored on the device can cause this message to appear when you want to download an application.
  2. Sometimes the problem comes from our Google account, but the solution in case this is the cause, should be applied as a last option.
  3. Google Play updates could be out of sync with some key function of our device; consequently, it ends up causing a failure when using the application.

What are the steps to solve the “Download pending” error

We already know the causes, now we have to put the solutions into practice. We have one for each one, in case the first one doesn't work for us, we try the other two; We recommend leaving the method in which we have to delete our Google account as a last option.

Clear cache and data

This is the fastest and most effective solution; therefore we should solve our problem on the first attempt by following these steps, otherwise we will try the other two solutions.

  1. We enter " Settings " and then " Application Manager ".
  2. We look for the Google Play Store application in the list and then click on " Clear Cache " and " Clear Data ".
  3. After having cleared the cache and the application data, we go to the previous tab and look for " Google Play Services ", once inside the menu we press " Clear Cache ", immediately afterwards we go to the " Admin. Storage "And click on" Delete all data ".
  4. Then we go back to the previous menu tab and look for " Download Manager " or " Download Manager ", when we find the option we press " Force stop ", then " clear cache " and to finish " clear data ".
  5. The only thing left for us to do is reboot the device.

Uninstall updates from Google Play Store

If the previous solution did not work, then we will try another option that has to do with the operation of the Play Store on the device.

  1. We go to " Settings " once again and then go to " Application Manager ".
  2. Click on " Google Play Services " and then " Uninstall updates ".

This is the fastest method, but it could be a problem when the updated application is needed for any reason.

Delete and re-add our Google account

This method is also quick and easy, we leave it last because with the two previous solutions the problem is usually solved already, but there are strange cases in which it is not.

  1. We go to " Settings ", then " Accounts " and choose " Google ".
  2. In case we have more than one Google account and the problem does not appear in all of them, we select the one that has the problems and press " Delete account " or " Remove account ".
  3. When checking that it has been removed, we must go to " Settings " again, we go through " Accounts ", then press " Add account " and, finally, we add it again by pressing the " Google " option .

With these simple steps, the problem that was in one of our accounts linked to the Play Store, should have disappeared.

Let's not just clean up our search history

We have already learned how to solve the annoying " Pending Download " problem in the Play Store; But, we must bear in mind that the most effective solution is the first. Why? Well, it indirectly tells us that we should not only clean our search history or our image folder, but also the applications we use frequently, in order to keep our device working optimally in synergy with them.

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