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Why does my cell phone indicate "charging" but not charge?

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The battery is one of the most important accessories of a cell phone, depending on the capacity and the state of it, we can spend less or more hours taking advantage of the functions and applications of our device.

By habit, when the cell phone begins to show faults with the charge, the first thing that comes to mind is that we are starting to have problems with the battery; The odds of that being so are high, but we can't rule out other causes like a faulty charger, a damaged cable, a non-powered plug, and even a failed operating system.

Before we dispose of the battery or spend money on a technician, we have to carefully review each of the possible causes and apply a solution , as described below, accordingly.


What happens to the charge of my cell phone

The problems that may be affecting the charging process of our cell phone do not necessarily derive from a defective battery, but it is also possible that they come from a defective cable with a tip; an outlet where electrical current is not properly delivered, or a charger that is damaged by power surges.

Also, the device's charging port may have been damaged and even the operating system, commonly Android, may be the architect of the problem.

Most solutions for each of the problems, previously described, are easy to apply. All we have to do is follow each of the instructions detailed below until we resolve our tedious problem with cell phone charging.

Check the cable, plug and charger

Let's start with the basics, the cable that is connected from the power adapter, or from a computer (USB), to the charging port of our cell phone, could be in bad condition; either because the tip is broken or because its circuits are burned, in this case, we simply try changing the cable.

The same happens with the charger, we must test it with another device to see if it is in good condition, in case it does not work on another cell phone, we will connect it to a different socket to make sure that it is not a problem with electricity in that specific place.

A very important point that we have to take into account is that the cables and power adapters that we are going to use to charge our cell phone must be of the same brand . For example, if our device is a Samsung, then we must use a Samsung charger, if it is an iPhone, then we must use Apple accessories, and so on with any other brand.

Battery is the problem in most cases

When the battery is about to "die", it turns into a stone in the shoe every time we use the cell phone, normally, it stops working one hundred percent due to: the time of use, electrical voltage increases while the device was connected or just factory defects.

At the moment we have to experience this nuisance, we only have to replace the battery; It is also a good option, but expensive, to purchase a new device, especially if the one that is experiencing charging problems has a non-removable battery, since they have a more delicate and complicated replacement process.

In the event that the cell phone does not have a removable battery and, in turn, we do not have enough money to replace it, what is recommended is that it be taken to the technical service for removal and replacement , it will be more profitable and will be less risky than doing that process ourselves.

The charging port may have been moved or damaged

If we have verified that the cable and the charger are in optimal conditions, and the battery is not the problem; So, let's take a look at the charging port (where the cable connects).

This port usually gives us problems because with incorrect movements, when inserting or removing the cable, we can move it inside, causing it to not subsequently contact the cable properly, it can also be damaged due to bad circuits on the board base.

One method that we can try, but taking great care, is the following:

  1. We turn off the phone and remove the battery (it is important that the device has a removable battery, otherwise it is more complicated and it is recommended to take it to a technical service).
  2. We are going to use something sharp and quite fine, it can be a pin, to insert it into the port and try to straighten it (this is when we must be delicate, since applying a lot of force to align the port could cause permanent damage ).
  3. Now we put the battery back in and turn it on. We plug the charger into the cell phone and look at the charging bar to see if the problem was indeed fixed.

Software could be to blame

Software is often to blame for especially old devices having difficulty charging normally. This can occur due to one or more applications that are excessively consuming the battery ; also due to an update to the Android operating system that requires more resources than normal for the device in question.

To make sure that the applications are not the problem, or yes, we go to " Settings "> " Power " or " Battery " (depending on the Android version)> " Battery usage ". Here, we can monitor which applications are running on the device, even if it is in the background, and which are consuming the most battery.

In the same tab we can force the closure of these applications, it is what is most recommended while the phone is charging, there are also applications that do it automatically.

In the event that the problem comes from an Android update that our device does not fully support, we must downgrade (install an earlier version) or do a factory restore (in this case, it is recommended to make a backup first ).

Let's take care of our battery before it starts to fail

The most useful tips that we have so far, begin by stating that when we put our cell phone to charge, we must deactivate all the functions that we do not need (Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, among others) or, better yet, turn off the device completely.

This, in addition to lengthening the life of our battery, will also make the charging process faster and reduce the effort time exerted by the charger, making the latter also remain in good condition.

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