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Play Store does not work: frequent errors and how to fix them

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We are in a technological era, which day by day is promoting new aspects in relation to smartphones as well as tablets. Google Play Store , the mobile application store for Android devices, provides a host of apps to enrich the use that we give to the cell phone or any other device that has this software, so its use is not optional.

Many times we download free or paid applications and we see how little by little our team begins to have some type of error over time, these problems end up affecting the operation of our system in general, and even the performance of other apps. It is common that in the near future from the purchase of our mobile phone, connectivity errors, Google Play authentication , among others, will arise , that is why today we will see the possible solutions to this.


How to fix errors in Play Store?

Surely you have ever seen a message like this on your cell phone: "Google Play Store has stopped", this same means that the Play Store does not work as it should. Given this, in this article we will let you know the most frequent problems and the way to fix any type of error in the Play Store .

Connectivity error

The connectivity problem is a failure linked to the connection error of our mobile as well as the service dropped from the store. Let's see how to fix it step by step:

  • Verify that you are connected to the Internet from your cell phone.
  • If you are not connected to a network, go to "Settings"> "Wi-Fi"> and access your internet network or activate the mobile data of your telephone company. image
  • Check that it has been connected correctly, if you cannot connect to your wifi you may need to restart your modem / router.

Error "Google Play requires authentication"

This is part of the most common Android errors , follow these instructions to fix it:

  • Go to "Settings"> Applications.
  • Once here, search for the Play Store or Google Play and press the "Uninstall updates" button. This will redirect you to the original version of the store that came default with the device.
  • Update Google Play to its latest version and re-register.

Failed to retrieve information from server

This usually appears when we update or download an application, if the error persists permanently do these steps:

  • Delete your Google account. For this you must go to "Settings"> Accounts and select "Google". Delete it and then restart your mobile.
  • After this, go to "Settings"> Applications> Google Play Store> Storage> "Clear cache and Clear data". image
  • Once this is done, re-enter your account in the store and try to download again what you want. With this solution we will make the server and your mobile refresh your information.

DF-BPA-09 error

The DF-BPA-09 error occurs when we buy an application and we are unable to download it.

  • To fix it go to "Settings"> Applications> All> Google Play Service.
  • Go to "Storage"> "Storage Management"> "Erase All Data".
  • If this method doesn't work, try downloading the paid application from the browser.

Google Play error 101

It happens when we want to download something and our mobile makes it impossible for us since we have many applications previously installed.

  • To solve it we must uninstall the aps that we do not use by going to "Settings"> Applications> All>.
  • Then we will touch on the Google Play, in the storage submenu and press "Clear Data".
  • By doing the previous step, our account has surely disappeared, so we must log into Google Play.

Solutions for Play Store errors

The solutions provided by Google Play are easy to follow, so you do not need to be a software genius since the steps are quite repetitive, allowing these problems to be solved in a matter of minutes. If after the methods we have provided you still have problems, you can contact the Google Play technical service . It is always important to learn about the operation of the Google store since it is one of the most relevant and essential applications.

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