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Google Play Store not work, how to fix your mistakes

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Google Play Store works but not what we hear on our website, but we have new solutions or fix your mistakes. We know that many Android users are experiencing different errors Google Google Play Store Store cachePlay suddenly leaving. If you receive an error message when downloading applications from Google Play Store here are some tips to make your Google Play Store running again.
1. Empty the cache
In most cases, simply empty the cache of the Google Play Store application. This is a storage area containing data that can be recovered quickly after this causes a page load faster. In order to empty this, simply open the settings and find the Applications section. Now select 'All' and find Google Play Store. Click on it and click the 'Clear Cache' button. Now when you open Google Play should work as before.
2. Remove Data
If the first tip did not work, then you can try to delete the data from the Google Play Store. The option is again following the same route as above, but this time plays in 'Clear Data'.
3. Uninstall updates Google Play Store
Sometimes an update to any application can lead to problems, so it makes sense uninstall an update, go to the Google Play Store and press the button that says "Uninstall updates". This return to the original version of the Google Play Store.
4. Empty the cache of the services Google Play Store
Google Play Store erroresEn services if Google Play still does not work, then you just have to empty the cache of Google Play Store services and this might do the trick for the return to normal. Go to manager configuration applications, search Google Play Services and press the "Clear Cache" button.
5. Enable Download Manager
If you have disabled the Download Manager, Google Play Store not work. To retrieve it, go to Settings, then App Manager (or equivalent) and all applications. Search Download Manager and click the Activate button. However, when this button says off, do not worry, this means that the download manager is already active. Ojala and this step serves as algo.eliminar android google account
6. Remove your Google account and reinstall
Back to your phone settings, but this time you have to go to 'Account', choose Google and select the Google account you used for Google Play Store. Press the menu (three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and select 'Delete Account "button. Confirm your choice and restart the smartphone. Restoring Google account once it has been loaded completely restore factory androidpor going through Settings> Accounts> Add account> Google.
7. Factory data reset your phone
If you have done all the above and still unsuccessful, then you may have to resort to the final stage and factory data reset on your phone. This may be your only way out of the mistakes of the Google Play Store. However, it warned that all data will be lost, do your backup. For factory data reset, go to your settings again, then 'Backup and Restore' and 'Factory data reset "at the bottom of the list.
We hope these tips and tricks have helped him regain his Google Play Store and error free. We have seen how our users have been struggling with this application and its creators do not offer a solution.
Do I Let know if one of these tricks worked for you? Have any other tips that can be shared for Google Play Store
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