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Reboot System Now on Android: what is it and what does it mean?

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"Reboot System Now" is one of the initial recovery options for your mobile device. If you have ever entered the recovery mode of your Smartphone either by accident or intentionally this is the first option you find. But what does it mean and what happens if I select the option?

It is possible that after leaving your phone in your pocket for a while or simply by following a tutorial you have reached the "recovery mode" of your phone and some options appear such as "Reboot system now ", "Wipe data / cache" between others. If you do not know which of these options to select or how to return to the normal state of your device, you are in the right place.


  • What does "Reboot System Now" mean?
  • What is “Reboot System Now” for?
  • What is Recovery Mode? (Advanced)
  • What is the "Wipe Data / Factory Reset"?

What does "Reboot System Now" mean?

First you need to know the meaning of the phrase “Reboot System Now”. The correct translation from English to Spanish would be “ Reboot System Now ”. This is the first option that appears when you enter the boot of your phone.

  • REBOOT SYSTEM NOW is an option that appears within the " Recovery Mode " of the Android system.
  • It means " Reboot system now ".
  • If you select this option and then press the unlock button, your mobile device will be restarted .
  • If upon restarting the device this Recovery mode appears again and the options reappear; your operating system may be corrupted and you need to take your phone to technical support; or if you are an advanced user, perform a reset to your device.

To go into detail, we are going to define some terms so that you understand their function and why it appears on your screen.

What is “Reboot System Now” for?

The Reboot System Now is one of the initial options of the "Recovery" that we have at our disposal or also called "recovery mode". In a simple way we can say that this is used so that you can restart your Android device  after having handled one of the other recovery options. Restarting it will allow you to normally access your device again.

This is generally the last step after performing a hard reset or loading a file using the recovery mode. Let's see how we can enter Recovery Mode.

What is Recovery Mode? (Advanced)

The recovery mode or in Spanish: Recovery Mode. Arguably, it is the internal system of the phone that handles the operating system both for booting the device and for restoring, updating and personalizing it. There are some custom recoverys that are generally used on computers with root access. However, the recovery system that all devices include at the factory is basically the same.

As we see the recovery mode is extremely important and its use must be done with prior knowledge. So if you have entered the recovery mode of your phone by chance or by initiative you must handle it with great care.

You just have to turn off your phone and turn it on using a few key combinations, that's how easy you get to “Recovery”. Although it varies depending on the model, they usually follow the same basic combination. Let's look at least two key combinations.

  • The first is as follows: Turn off your phone and once it is turned off press, volume button up + home button + power, for a few seconds.
  • The second way is like this: Use the volume up + power button for a few seconds.

Once you have entered the recovery and want to choose an option you must use the power button, and to increase or decrease the options we use the volume buttons (up-down).


Once we have already reset our phone by performing the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” procedure, we will automatically return to the main menu. And if we give it the restart option, we will force the Android system to start the device's operating system as if a failure had never occurred.

What is the "Wipe Data / Factory Reset"?

In Spanish, this means "Clean data and return to factory settings", and this option is used so that you can delete all the data that is stored on your mobile, data ranging from accounts to documents and images. Everything stored on the phone will be removed, including applications.

That complete cleaning that we do to the device guarantees that the mobile returns to its originality, and to rule out any error caused by any application or malware. In this way, we will have the system fresh again, which allows us to even optimize the performance of the phone.

It is important that you make a backup of your device and all the files that you want to keep, since these work, they delete all the data entered in your device. Always carry out the procedures under your responsibility and with great care.

thanks, this information is very helpful. I understood now.
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How to enter recovery mode?

This is where everything gets complicated because the manipulations to access the recovery mode differ from one smartphone to another and especially from one brand to another. Yes, otherwise it wouldn't be fun...

First of all, the smartphone must be switched off . If it is blocked, you can remove the battery and put it back (a bit wild method but when it is necessary, it is necessary):

– Samsung Recovery mode : Simultaneously press the Volume Up, Power button and Home button. For Samsung Galaxys that no longer have a home button, you have to press the “Bixby” button instead.

– Huawei Recovery mode : Hold down the Volume Up & power buttons at the same time.

– Wiko recovery mode : Simultaneously press the Volume Up & Down buttons as well as the power button.

– OnePlus recovery mode : You have to keep pressing the Volume Down & Power buttons simultaneously.

– Recovery mode Sony Xperia : I give you in the bullseye, you have to keep pressing the Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time.

– LG Recovery mode: Simultaneously press the Volume Down & power buttons until the logo appears. Release and press these two buttons again to enter recovery mode.

– Recovery mode Xiaomi : So? So ? Well yes, you have to press the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously.

– Recovery mode Asus Zenfone: Hold down the Volume Up and Power buttons.

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