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Pages to download official ROMs or firmware for Android

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There are times when Android phones turn off and do not come back on, or turn on, but stay on their main logo. The solution to this problem may be to re-install the official firmware or ROM of the cell phone , in other words, it means completely restarting the device's software. This time we provide you with the best pages to download roms or Android firmware , without taking unnecessary risks.

The firmware is the part responsible for cell phones to react or respond to your requests, since they interpret your actions on the cell phone, send these signals to each of the components and electrical systems that ensure that the phone performs or responds to those signs. For example, opening the contact window if you placed your finger on the screen in the phonebook icon. It is a part of the operating system of your Android, this component can also be called ROM, it refers to read-only memory, or its acronym in English “Read Only Memory”.

We offer you several alternatives where you can download the best firmware safely and at no cost, however, the following alternative is the best option to download ROMs for Android, so we recommend that you try it first, and then, in case of not get the ROM you were looking for, go to the other options we offer in this article.




Firmware.mobi is recognized and recommended worldwide as the best website for the use and download of Android firmware . Although its content is not the most complete, it is known as the best since it has the original and official systems of the most recognized brands such as Samsung, Google and Motorola.

This web page allows you to download any system without the need to ask for a registration or subscription, since you have the direct link to the download, making this procedure easier. Another advantage is that it does not have any type of limitation regarding the time or speed of the download.

You just have to:

  1. Enter the web.
  2. Find the correct model of your cell phone.
  3. Download the Boot + Recovery Images option (the most recommended if you don't know much about it.

There is also the CF Auto Root section that generally provides obtaining a Firmware + root.

  • Go to the configuration screen in the CF Auto Root option.
  • Press "everything by default".
  • Press "Generate CF Auto Root Package".

Through this configuration, anyone who has not studied or does not know much about the subject can generate their firmware or Roms of the cell phone they own.

Go to Firmware.mobi



Firmwarefile.com has a particular disadvantage, as it does not provide the option to customize the firmware you want to download. Even so, it has a very varied database that can be useful. Here you can download firmware from brands such as Samsung, BLU, Xioami, among others.

And if you think that they could not improve the offers, it also gives you a tutorial in English, to update, modify or repair the operating system of the brands mentioned above. As informative data, these available firmwares are in zip format, on a specific server such as Mediafire, in addition, like the previous website, you do not need a registration to access the download links.

Go to Firmwarefile.com



To use 4PDA.ru it will be extremely necessary that you have the Google translator at hand, or simply that you accept its automatic translation, since it is a Russian page, but this is not a limitation to have other small forums that contain the firmwares of different brands and types of mobile devices.

Like the previous options, it does not require prior registration to enjoy its content.

Go to 4PDA.ru



To use Needroom.com, unlike the previous ones, you need an account registration and also, to deactivate a kind of advertising block, in case your search engine has it, and there if you can download your operating system for free. This page offers a small guide on how to install the software, in English.

Go to Needroom.com



LG-Firmwares is a site that exclusively collects ROMs for LG devices , therefore, if you have a LG cell phone with Android this site is ideal for you. Its database is nourished with the majority of the best-known models of this brand; By entering the file regarding a model, you will be able to view all the options in terms of operators, languages ​​and countries so that you can download the ROM that is as compatible as possible with your device.

Go to LG-firmwares.com



If you have a Samsung device and you have not found a ROM that goes with your device in any of the options that we have mentioned, it is very likely that you will find it by entering one of these sites that exclusively offer firmware for devices of this brand.

Sammobile.com is the best known site for downloading ROMs for Samsung. It has an extensive database that will allow you to download the firmware for practically any Samsung model, and you can also choose operator-specific ROMs, specific languages, among others.

It has two sections: download of the latest software for each device and archive of old firmware versions, this is ideal in case you want to go back to an earlier version of the Android system on your Samsung device. To use this site we recommend you register an account to avoid limitations when downloading the files.

Go to Sammobile.com



Updato.com is an option very similar to Sammobile and that could complement your search perfectly. It has almost 70,000 firmwares in its database, so it is very likely that you will find the right version for your device.

Like the previous option, Updato allows you to select ROMs from different countries and download them instantly.

Go to Updato.com



Samsung-Firmware.org is a site that seems to be mainly dedicated to providing the characteristics of all existing Samsung devices but also the official ROMs for each of them. It is not as complete as Sammobile or Updato, however, it can be a good complement in case you are not finding what you need.

This site does not require registration to carry out the downloads, however, they will be at a slower speed and will take longer. To avoid this, you can create a completely free user account that will allow you to download the files at a higher speed.

Go to Samsung-firmware.org


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