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How To Enable The Translation Of Pages In Chrome For Android?

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Sure Google Chrome handy feature is the ability to translate web pages entirely.Even if you speak any foreign language, I assure you, there will come a time when you appreciate the opportunity provided by Google:)

For example, I started to use Chinese cloud storage. And there the entire interface is completely represented by a set of hieroglyphs. Without Chrome I could not even intuitively understand which of them poke and what will follow :)such examples you can cite any number.


Translation from ChineseTranslation from Chinese

How to enable the translation of pages in Chrome for Android?Quite simply. Run Chrome, go to Options - Advanced - Site Settings - Google Translator.

Go to the Chrome settingsGo to the Chrome settings Select "Options Site"Select the option "Site Settings"

A little long time to get, is not it? :)Here we offer enable translation of pages into other languages. In the lower right corner of the screen there are three points by clicking on that, you'll see two menu items. If you select "Reset translation", the proposal to show the site in their native language will appear when you open the pages you translate once already refused, choosing the option "Do not translate" (this option appears when you refuse twice Translation from any site).

Include a translation of pagesInclude a translation of pages

That, indeed, is all. Now you can browse to a familiar interface language.

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