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Format Samsung Galaxy S7

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 was one of the best smartphones at the time of its release (2016); Although, right now, it is surpassed by a couple of new models from the same company, it still has decent potential.

Despite the fact that the capacity of this device is still really outstanding, it is best to perform a formatting or a hard reset, in order to be able to squeeze its features to the maximum again, after such a long time of use. Even when thinking about selling it , the best thing is to perform a restoration so that no information about us remains in the hands of a third party.

What would happen when restoring your Samsung Galaxy S7 from factory , would be that all the files and settings would be completely erased ; The question is that, if our device is having problems with its performance in general, then it is necessary and recommended to follow the steps indicated below, in which we teach you to perform a hard reset and / or  format our device.



The methods we are going to use to perform a factory reset to our device are: formatting through the settings menu or hard reset . The first is faster and recommended than the second, but it depends on the state of our device.

Before executing either of these two methods, we must back up the information and files that we do not want to lose , for example: videos, contacts, photos, etc. And, the device's battery must be fully charged.

Furthermore, a format and a hard reset will erase only what is stored in the internal memory of the device; but, in the same way, we must remove the removable memory card and the SIM card to avoid inconveniences.

Hard reset (button combination)

This option is the one we must choose if our device does not allow us to interact with the home screen and the menu, or does not go beyond the Samsung logo; We will use its buttons to execute this method.

  1. Turn off your Samsung completely.
  2. Press the “ VOLUME UP ” + “ START ” buttons at the same time and without releasing them, press and hold the “ ON ” button. You can take your Samsung horizontally to make it easier for you to press the buttons simultaneously.
  3. When you see the Samsung logo and / or the blue letters that say "Recovery booting ..." you can release the buttons. The Android recovery menu will start to load, it may take a while, you have to be patient.
  4. With the " Volume down " button scroll down to the " Wipe data / factory reset " option and with the " Power " button , confirm the option that is shaded.
  5. Now you must choose the option " Yes " to confirm that you want to continue with the factory restoration process on your device.
  6. Wait a few seconds for the formatting process to finish.
  7. When the process is finished, the option “ Reboot system now ” will appear, which you must select with the “ Power ” button to confirm and that the device reboot.

After the terminal finishes checking everything, it will restart and you will have to follow the wizard to configure the device as if it were new.

From the settings

If your device still allows you to access the home screen, the menu and so on; then you can apply the method which is formatting through the settings menu .

  1. We go to the notification bar and tighten the nut-shaped icon that takes us to the settings.
  2. Already being in the settings menu, we scroll down until we find " Backup and reset ".
  3. Now, we are located at the bottom where the " Reset " category is located and click on " Reset to factory settings ".
  4. We will skip a message warning us that everything will be removed from the internal memory of the phone (we should have already done the backup).
  5. Click on " Reset device " and we will get a message to confirm the formatting, we click on " Delete all ".

Following these steps, the factory reset would be launched and by the time the device restarts, our Samsung Galaxy S7 should already be like new.

After restoring on the device the files and information that we had backed up before performing the factory restoration, we are left simply to download applications and use with more confidence all the functions that it offers us as if we were in 2016 and take it out of the store on day of its launch.

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