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How to activate free calls on WhatsApp

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The calls have returned to WhatsApp , as has been reported from XDA Developers few hours ago. A couple of weeks ago, VoIP free calls through WhatsApp appeared by surprise , but the joy did not last, as the possibility to activate them vanished shortly.

But now, for the moment, we can return to and activate, and then you explain it in simple steps :

  1. WhatsApp uninstalled, go to the page Whatsapp.com/Android and download the .apk file by clicking on "Download Now" .
  2. Once downloaded, installed, so we will need to have the "Unknown sources" enabled in Settings> Security option.
  3. Finally, we get someone who already has activated call us calls, answer the call, and immediately should already have them available in our application WhatsApp.

It is important to emphasize that this method now works exclusively with that version that we downloaded from the web , ie the 2.11.552 , not with the version available on Google Play. Furthermore, it is strictly necessary pick up a call we receive, otherwise the service is not activated.

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