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Unfortunately whatsapp has stopped

Hello, today morning suddenly whatsapp throws me the following message: "Unfortunately whatsapp has stopped" when trying to open the application. I can not send or read a message, but only some come to me when trying to open whatsapp, or leave notifications. And try restarting the phone, desintalalar whatsapp, delete saved data, antivirus, ccleaner, clean master, etc pass and is happening the same. I read somewhere that must be applied restoring factory, but that would be the last option because it gives me immense support data straw as my cel is a lg g2 and has expandable memory.
If someone happened to her or know that you can go please to tell me.

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To solve it you must uninstall all updates of Google Play.
1. In Settings
2. We entered Applications
3. select Manage Applications
4. At the top tab, select All
5. We press on Google Play
6. We click on Uninstall Updates
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How to fix: Unfortunately Whatsapp stopped working on Android

Step # 1: Open Settings on your Android device.

Step #2: Tap the Menu applications.

Step #3: Now select All Applications go left.

Step # 4: You will see all installed applications, touch on WhatsApp.

Step #5: Now all you have to do is click Clear Cache and Clear data.

Step #6: Now go to the home screen and reboot the device.

You did….

If this does not work, then you must uninstall the application WhatsApp and install the latest version from Google Play. If the problem persists, I think you should try to install the old version of WhatsApp that will help you get rid of this annoying error.
Hello how can i fix unfortunately whatsapp has stopped how can i fix this problem on my iphone 6
Clear the cache of the application is one of the first actions we take do. As web browsers, applications are keeping a cache in your database for When We return to open the application esta evening a lot less time doing it. Usually this is one of the main ways to fix the error "You've stopped the whatsaap" as the cache is corrupted and stops working, that's why everything clean Once We will return to the normal. To Do This you must do the following:
Open Menu -> Settings -> Administrator Applications
In the Application Manager slid right to the category "All"
Look for the application That is stopped or faulty.
Access the application, wait for data to load and tap Clear Cache.

Simply must go to the application you want to uninstall by following the steps in the previous solution and press uninstall. They can also do it directly from the Google Play Store. Seeking application under "My Applications", the open, press uninstall and then install again.
I tried it alot and even uninstalled but it did not work, how do i fix this?
Im using a Samsung note 2
Normally you'd uninstall the application, data cache and deleting before and start from scratch. (Are deleted from the Application Manager tab, and looking for all the WhatsApp app).
I case before returning to try to install, searches the internal memory and delete folder whatsapp to leave no trace and start from scratch, downloading the app from the Play Store.
You tell us
It should be a problem of implementation ... I think you try to install any old version to see if you can ... or more RAM but as new not think ... Greetings
Thanks for this.  Does clearing the cache and data delete all your messages though?
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