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How to use the phone's camera as a webcam - Symbian and Windows Mobile

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Nokievsky Symbian is gone forever - support and new versions of the OSes already stopped, but at the time these phones flooded the entire market, so it is likely that you have lying around and some Finnish model, which can still serve us.

The first of the programs working with Sym - free application for S60 2 and 3 - SmartCam . There is a version of Java with the extension .jar and EXE version. Installation and connection requires additional description:

  1. By enabling a program on your computer or laptop;
  2. Connect your phone to your computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth;
  3. Open the folder C: \ Program Files \ SmartCam and pass out of it on a mobile phone or a file SmartCamS603rdEd_v1_4.sis SmartCamS602ndEd_v1_4.sis for 3 or 2 versions of OSes;
  4. Start SmartCam on your computer and your phone by connecting via bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Now the program you will have a picture of the camera from your phone.

Another prog that works not only with the S60, and Windows Mobile - the grandfather of another mobile OS, as well as with the UIQ 3.0 and iOS - Mobiola Web Camera . She paid, but the transmission quality is much better than the previous ones. There is also a Lite version, but her connection time ogranichcheno 5 minutes. To use your phone as a web camera you need to install a version of the program for a particular mobile OS. Supports the connection to WiFi, and USB.

We have considered the basic most popular program to use the phone's camera as a webcam. Of course, the network has a lot of other options, so you can test the software and to share in the comments to the article their experience, how to use your phone as a webcam .

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