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If you have a mobile device with Windows Phone or Symbian OS Nokia Lumia News today we aim to offer a step by step to install Outlook on your device in a totally free. Then we'll tell you how to configure your terminal to install Outlook and manage your email from your mobile.
To install Outlook on your device with Windows Phone operating system, you should go to the list of apps and click where it says Settings, then Mail, then Accounts. Once you register your email account have to enter the address and click on Windows Live. Again you must enter your address and password and login.
To install Outlook on your Symbian OS device need to add a new mail or mailbox. Then you will enter your email address, password, and will select Exchange Active Sync as type of mail. Finally you must select what you want to synchronize and already have ready for use.
Do not hesitate to try it, since this way you can use your Outlook email account from your mobile device.

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