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how to fix android power button?

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At the request of a visitor to the blog. I created this guide to show you how we can repair the button to turn off and turn a smartphone with Android. In this case we will see how to repair the button to turn off and turn on a htc mytouch 4g (T-mobile MyTouch).
Well when the button to turn off / turn does not work, obviously something has, in many cases what happens is that a particle of metal that makes the smart garment is dropped or damaged. Look at the particle of which I speak.
    Now look at the MyTouch 4G phone without this particle. In this we can see that only two metal parts shown in which the particle through His metal unites As we press the button to turn off.
The best way to repair this device would put a particle equal to function correctly But it is not easy to achieve this. I found an old phone because he had another wash it off. But if you do not have one old man eh solution I found is to hit a piece of foil of the same size as the original particle.
We can also do the following. Button you can turn off and paste this piece of foil with clear nail paints. Wherever we stick foil.
  Well folks this is all that is about as repairing the button and turn off. If you have a better solution please share it with us.
  Missing say that this guide can be applied to other phone that is having the same problem. Recall that something has to be a new phone because other oldies bring different button power cycling.
  If you have any questions or did not understand very well please contact me for comment. when I can'll answer them feedback.


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