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How to fix android boot problem?

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When you experience a lot with Android, things changing and modifying the operating system, you quite likely to fall into a bootloop. A bootloop is a loop in which the device enters the start Android. Finding that there is something in the system that is not as it should, the device enters a loop switched on, without ever booting Android. It is an annoying situation, because sometimes there is no way to stop the loop unless you let the battery or take it off yourself is exhausted. However, if you have installed the Recovery, the recovery task is greatly facilitated device. I'll show you a simple guide first thing you should do if you experience a bootloop on Android. There are two basic solutions for all devices, but can your case is very particular and need another type of solution. In that case, I urge you to visit the forums HTC Mania and XDA to find a more specific answer.
Having a Recovery installed can help us solve one bootloop
Bootloop after Flashing a new ROM
When flashing the new ROM, you always have to do a delete (wipe) your Dalvik Cache. If you have not done, it is highly likely that the problem you are generating bootloop be that. To fix this do the following:
  • Starts the CWM Recovery mode
  • Go to Advanced
  • Choose Wipe Dalvik-cache
  • When finished go to Mounts & Storage
  • Select Wipe / cache
  • Restart your device
If after doing this the problem persists, let's try to format the particióndata, which is storing the application data:
  • Starts the CWM Recovery mode
  • Go to Backup & Restore
  • Select Backup
The backup can take several minutes, so leave as is and do not touch it until finished. Once completed, you can delete the data partition.
  • Go Mounts & Storage
  • Choose Wipe / Data
  • After Wipe / Cache
  • Restart your device
If after doing this and start the device, you can try to re-rrancar in CWM Recovery mode and restore the data partition. If you still run you already a problem Rom you have installed, so I urge you to install another or you contact directly with the creator of the Rom to see what the problem is.
Bootloop after installing a Mod or file Uot Kitchen
If you experience a bootloop after installing one of the many MODs Android there by the network, it is clear that this mod is causing a conflict on your system, and may be due to a conflict exists with file permissions system . Android is very sensitive to these changes, and it is common to find this kind of problems every time toqueteas those files.
Types Frequently Permit Android
  • 644 (RW-RR) - (Permission for folders / system / app, / system / framework, / system / etc / system / lib)
  • 755 (RWX-RX-RX) - (used mainly in / system / bin and other files that require it)
  • 777 (RWX-RWX-RWX) - (used for Scripts in /system/etc/init.dy files busybox)
The simple way to fix permissions that are misaligned is:
  • Starts the CWM Recovery mode
  • Give Mount & Storage, select mount / system
  • Go back and go to Advanced
  • Select Fix Permissions
  • Restart your device

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What to do if your Android device does not start or is in bootloop
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