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How to fix Error 905 on google play store

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Android 905 error is a problem that happens when it comes to download applications from Google Play Store, in most situations this error occurs when you try to download heavy applications. The error is due to a bad update Google Play Store made in our device.

However, this error can occur for other reasons, although cases of other causes are few, I will try to explain as detailed as possible how to solve this problem. In short what I will do is to uninstall updates apps Google Play Store, if the problem persists you should make sure you have enough free storage space, for example, if you want to download an application 600MB sure you have much more than that free space in storing your phone, otherwise it will show that error.

Fix the error 905 in Android google play store

  • Go to Settings-> Manage applications, then to "Everyone" being already there looking for the Google Play App Store:
  • Then select the application and select the button that says Uninstall updates:
  • After pressing the button will take a brief moment when all updates made to the Android store are removed, then that should be able to open the Play Store normally.

If the problem persists test:

  • Deleting data and cache App Google Play (It does so in the same place where uninstall updates, the buttons are below).
  • Restarting the mobile device.
  • Uninstalling recently installed applications.
  • Making sure you have enough storage space available in the internal memory of the mobile.
  • Making sure you have enough storage space available in the external memory of the phone (which is usually a microSD memory).

With the error explained above 905 of our Android should be solved, whether it be a matter of making sure everything is done correctly. If you have any questions leave it in the comments, I will try to give an answer that can solve your problem.

In this way we will come to Android Market and in principle all run correctly, you may automatically be us again to update the Play Store but in my case after re-update did not return to have more error 905 in Play Store and could update and install applications without problem.

Then tell us

Thanks it definitely works on my Samsung S6
Will be the downloaded games will be erased?
Worked for my Moto G Boost Mobile. Finally, thank you!
Was trying to download "Order and Chaos" kept getting error 905....then I realized it always happened after I cleared the ram. Not sure if that what you guys are going through but, it's what I noticed.
Have faith, it will wk
pvz 2 is 600mb...
so it won't work if u do the updates Uninstall, cause around 450mb it will update and cancel the pvz with error 905

Samsung galaxy S3 mini
doesnt work on my phone,it just repeatedly downloading the app
It made the problem worse. Gt-p5113
i have lg g2 it shows the error 905 whenever i try to install anything, i'd try and unistall updates but the error still comes..... ? what to do now ??
it helped a lot thanks a million times
I want to update my Google play services 50 mb
The uninstall updates is not showing in google play store
I can't  press the the button that says uninstall updates after seeing the Google play on my tecno c8, what seems to be the problem?
Nothing from above works. I tried numerous ways from other websites, nothing works.
Sometimes it shows error code 18 and sometimes error code 905.
I was installing three times bigger games than these and they've working perfectly so the storage is not the problem.
It appears that this message pops only for some games.
I'm using Vivax Smart Fly X50 KitKat OS, I don't know why this happens.

I can install 166MB size game without any problem but 50-60 MB size game pops that annoying message, not enough space, this app will be installed as when you delete apps you no longer need.
Or if I put Google Play Store in small window when installing that game while opening other app like Google etc, it pops out message error code 18.
thank you it worked for me too
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  • Open applications
  •  see all
  • Search Google Play Store
  • Give uninstall updates, press confirm
  • Restart your mobile
  • When the play opens boot store, dale continue
  • And, it works fine on all android versions Jelly Bean ,KitKat,Lollipop,  Marshmallow, 



Hey maybe you've already fixed it but I had the same problem I could no more updates no matter which app load, it is more and more updates were collected but I could not invite you, also have a samsung galaxy s plus, had the error 905. but I'll tell defied as I have solved the problem
Tap "Menu"> "Settings"> "Applications"> "Manage Applications"
Tap on the tab "All"
Scroll down and select the "Google Play Store" app from.
Tap on "uninstall updates".
then install your app Google Play market again and then it should go back
the error is known ... install the latest Play Store update .. after you first again the old market, then he plays the new update, and it works again, the error affects almost all SGS devices .. Settings / Applications /Manage   Applications / uninstall Google playstoe "last update
So, I'm getting this error and I've tried everything. I am unable to uninstall updates because my phone is new enough it can only run on this build of google. The uninstall option is greyed out.
Solved by uninstalling the update of the play store and deleting cache is solved and you can download app. And you update
It is working thanxthanxthanx
It does not work on Samsung Galaxy S5
Was goin to do this but it said would uninstall all game had on phone. .. Will it?
How to install new update of google play store
awesome!! worked for me, thank you!
Thank you for all your help its making  a huge difference. God bless you all
- You must access the settings of your Android Smartphone or Tablet.
- Go to Applications.
- Next, select "Manage applications" or "Application Manager" (depends on the model of your smartphone) and select the "Google Play Store" or "Play Store".
- There now appears a screen, and to eliminate annoying error 905 you need to press on "Uninstall Updates."
- In this way the Google Play Store will return to a previous version and you should have solved the problem.

How to Fix Error 905 on the Google Play Store (Second method)

Always go in the settings applications >> >> >> manage app all go on google play, deleted cache, data and uninstall updates. Restart and open the play store, and wait for it to automatically configure.

If the problem of the '905 error persists, I suggest you contact support to Google Play and ask for info about it.
it's working on LG G2
Thanks  friend. When i followed your words ,now iam able to overcome Google Play store Error No.905 .
Thanks a lot.
Hello, after traveling many forums and try all the recommendations without managing to solve the problem, I discovered that the downside was that I came antivirus default on the tablet, the Mc cafe. A dung, which also failed to uninstall.From Settings - Applications - McAfee, I realize "force stop" will play immediately downloaded the application store and I want you then installed without problems.However, it is reactivated so to download every application I have to re-arrest him. But beyond that, the disadvantage was solved. Hopefully the experience will serve them. Greetings!
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A lot of Android users have reported five Lollipop 905 error when installing or upgrading applications in Google Play Store, especially when you are downloading large applications or games like Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Monument Valley, Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft etc .. If you receive a 905 error message when you download or install an application or game from Google Play Store, follow these steps to resolve the problem and continue to enjoy your Android device.

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Android "Settings" device.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Select "Manage applications" or "Application Manager".
  • Select "Google Play Store." If you do not see the tab check "All".
  • Select "Uninstall updates".

These steps take you to Google Play App Store to an earlier version. After this process, try reinstalling the application and if not let you download the application and follow the error 905, Download again the latest version of Google Play Store and finally clean the cache of Play Store and Google Play services. These solutions lollipop found in Android 5.0 but should also work for Android KitKat and JellyBean. If you've managed to fix error 905 through other methods please share with us in the comments.



I too have the same problem but my google play store does not have manage applications. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME !!!!! :(
You need to manage applications on the device settings, **not** in the play store app itself. There, you can empty all caches on the device at once (I do this frequently) or you can click the play store app and remove all updates, which I also do periodically.
While I spend the same but with another error code.
What I did was delete gmail account, delete cache of google and restart services
When he went on I came to put the gmail account and it worked again.
Even your error code is different for trying not lose anything
Uninstall new updates but is automatically updated at the beginning still generating the same problem but recently downloaded applications and no problem hope not arise again
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to install games so you need to have enough internal memory Micro SD for the installed occupy more space to indicate the beginning and during the minute-long installation memory collapses need a lot of internal memory, problem erases everything and installs great games then others and use clean junk files to clean master is in play store
I have the same problem but i do all the steps correctly and it  continues. Anyone know another solution?
Applications can not be downloaded.


Go to Settings> Applications> All;
Find the Google Play Store app and select "Uninstall updates";
Go back and open the Play Store app with the old version. An automatic update will be done and after it you can download new applications
go to "Applications">"Manage Applications"  "Google Play"> press the "Force Stop" option and following this "Clear Data".
Error 905 Google Play
Problem: let me download or install an application.
Solution: you only have to go to Settings -> Applications -> All -> Google Play and select 'Uninstall updates'. Once the process is complete, try downloading the application again.
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Go to the Settings menu on your Android "Settings" device.
Go to Applications.
Select "Manage applications" or "Application Manager".
Select "Google Play Store." If you do not see the tab check "All".
Select "Uninstall updates".
These steps take you to Google Play App Store to an earlier version. After this process, try reinstalling the application and if not let you download the application and follow the error 905, Download again the latest version of Google Play Store and finally clean the cache of Play Store and Google Play services. These solutions lollipop tested on Android 5.0 but should also work for Android KitKat and JellyBean. If you've managed to fix error 905 through other methods please share with us in the comments
If ure trying to download big files just uncheck the box that says use WiFi only.. hope it helps
it does not work for me, 1st i had uninstall google play store, it not worked. 2nd i try to reset my phone now my phone is clean its still not working.
Still not working help me
Help me i dont have any manage applications on my android
Thanks wikitech solutions
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Should you have a problem that you get the error 905 with your Samsung Galaxy with app downloads and updates from the Google Play Market, then this is very likely due to a bug that needs to be fixed by the Android developers for your appropriate firmware.
But until there is such a firmware update, this may take a long time in advance, or is for some Samsung no longer in front of Galaxy series such as the Samsung Galaxy S Plus.
What could we do but that the error eliminating 905 yet can download apps from the Google Play Market?
We show you here a proposal which does not solve the problem from the ground up, but a compromise is.
And going on in your smartphone when you're on the home screen
Applications -> Settings -> Applications and studied there the "Google Play" app.
Did you find this, click once on it to display more information. You will now find the point uninstall updates. Now click on this to all "Google Play" to remove updates and thus back to the old "Android Market" back, which will allow you to re-download apps and updates without the error 905.
When I uninstall update . It doesn't came to android market but it came to an old version called play store
No,I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A , I bought it a few days back and it is still like that and Says 'Error while downloading Asphalt 8 Airbone 905'
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Fix Play Store Error 905
The error message with the error 905 appeared generally whenever you attempt to download an app from scratch and install. It sometimes worked without problems but every now and then then also appeared this message. In rare cases, a restart of the smartphone was enough, but because the fault has accumulated 905, we looked around times according to another possible solution and have found it. This trick should incidentally works on all major Android phones, is whether Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, S4, LG G3, HTC One, Sony Xperia and so on and so on.
So we have corrected the error Google Play
  • Open in the first step, the "Settings" and go to "Apps" or "Application Manager" there.
  • Here you looking now to the app called "Google Play" to read the entry.
  • Then go to "Updates / Update Remove" and wait until the process is complete.
  • Then restart your phone once again, open the Google Play Store and the error 905 should be nothing left to see.
  • We hope you did this trick helped to correct the error. If you have more tips, or solutions, write us a call via the comment section.
I have tried this uninstalling updates option but it is still not working normally when i download app of a larger size.. please help
Option 1: Menu / Settings / Application Manager / All / Play store and Downloads / Force Close
Option2: It is a problem that originates with freedom and solved as root with the following procedure: Download to play store: "Root Browser" open root browser / Dar superuser / give the system / app / Play store / view / folder and the folder feel I can not remember but this no longer brings in the latest version but anyway.

Option 3: Menu / Settings / Application Manager / Play store / uninstall updates

Option 4: Menu / Root browser / system / app / pressing for 3 to 5 seconds play store / Delete menu go to the store and install the play is the link stop above description and ready
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i changed the logbuffer from 256 to 1million in the developer mode,  seems to help also.

it writes less frequent now and big files seem to install better.  if u download a BIG file u could try the other options that log even more data bf writing to device.
Would it harm my tablet?
Hi, I have motorola E2 and i am keep getting erroe 905 while downloading large apps like over 800 mb and doing the above fix doesn't work
It is not an fix,  but merely enlarges space bf writing to memory.  and it won't harm your device in the process.  tried googling the error yet?  there are sites explaining almost every play store error  and a step by step walk trough how to fix them.
Just uncheck the box that says use only WiFi only.. it worked for me.. hope it does for you..
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The problem of Android 905 occurs when you have problems with the download of apps and games from Google Play. In most cases, the problem seems to have been solved in the Android version 3.4.7 or later. In order to check which model supported, just open the app you want to download and then you have to go to settings. Here you have to scroll down the menu at the bottom to see the build. To change version just download the apk and install it.

Alternatively, you can restart the device and try again to download. If the problem persists, you can try the following steps to resolve the issue. First, you must check the data connection and verify that the Download Manager is active. So you should check that the storage space available on your device is large enough to allow the download. Otherwise, you must clear your cache and delete all unnecessary data. Finally, you should reinstall the updates Play Store, and then inspect the system updates.

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One of the most common errors when you try to download applications from the Android store, or from the Google Play Store, the error is 905, which prevents precisely to download the applications in your phone and that can happen with any model of Android smartphone, then various Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Sony, Asus, ..

If it appeared the 'Error 905 when you were trying to download or install an application from Google Play and has blocked the continuation and made it impossible to complete the download or installation, then below you can find the solution to solve the problem:

- Go into Settings Android phone (the menu where there are all applications tap the Settings icon)
- From the Settings screen, scroll down until you find the Applications item.
- Select "Manage applications" or "Application Manager" (depending on the model's voice may change) from the list of applications and select "Google Play Store" or "Play Store".
- Once you open the settings screen of the Google Play Store, click the "Uninstall Updates."
- At this point the Google Play Store will return to a previous version and 99% work again.

When you restart the Google Play Store will be downloaded automatically updates to a newer version of Google Play.
Finished this process, try downloading and installing the application, but if after applying this procedure should still introduce the issue of 'error 905, then I recommend you contact the Google Play support and assistance with this error.
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You can keep your phone alive..  no sleep or stand by mode..  it's annoying but works
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If ever they came the famous Error 905, today we'll give the answer to this mystery and explain to them and referred to the error means 905 . It is a technical problem of the Android Play Store that has a technical meaning specialist knows only that but here we know the solution if it appears.

Error 905 when attempting to upgrade or install any app from the official Google store, Google Play for Android phones. The solution for this error did not bother again more would downgrade the Play Store and then return to Android Market . To perform this action, we have to go to the Updates section of our Android phone and uninstall the application updates, as follows:

Play Store:

Settings> Applications> Application manager .

Once there, look for the Play Store and once you select, will press the "Uninstall updates".

In this way we'll be in the Android Market. Here everything we already work correctly, but you may immediately return us to update the Play Store as we had before. Similarly, after you perform these steps, the 905 errors should not reappear in our Android phones. So, you can download any application you can think of: games, apps, books, movies, and much more free and easy.

If there is a problem and the app will not return to Android Market, you can download without problems.

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Was trying to download "Order and Chaos" kept getting error 905....then I realized it always happened after I cleared the ram. Not sure if that's what you guys are going through but, it's what I noticed. I tested this theory with Clash of clans and other lower sized apps and not issue. Anything gig-ish, it goes "error 905". Once I stopped the ram from clearing it downloaded like a boss.
Working Fine. Thanks
Same problem here after i update to lollipop,..my google playstore getting error 905
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