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Hi !
I too have the same problem of error of purchase BPA-BF-30.
I no longer can download today's start 07/11/14!
Could anyone help me? And fast if possible thank you!

android error processing purchase df-bpa-30

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The solution is: (which served to me)

Settings -> Applications -> Memory Usage

Memory Use you point the option ALL
Search for "google play store", you press enter and delete data
Then you search for "services framework GOOGLE", you press enter and delete data

After this, restart the terminal

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-reinstal play store with titanium backup or some other app

She sticks apk zip playstore the apocalypse, place it in system / app on your phone, give permissions rw-rr. Restart.

-you open the playstore and testing. Wait q is updated. It will be an additional app in the internal memory of playstore.

-with titanium backup, batch, integrate, integrated system app updates. Choose playstore and when done reboot.


You should be able to use it without problems. Luck.
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I arises a new problem with the tablet, when I try to lower any application (including the free ones) to play store I get the following error and does not let me download:
Error in the purchase process ([DF-BPA 13])
that the error What is that? How can I fix it?
Thank you.
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Hello, a few days ago my mobile android not to give me some errors. The first was "authentication error" in the Google Talk, I did not give much importance because hardly use. But from here all have been problems. Will not let me update applications from Google Play Store, will not let me down telling me applications that there has been an error while processing the purchase ([DF-GAP-13]) . The funny thing is that even when I enter the page of google play and I give paired devices only tablet that I have and mobile or appears I get. I've been looking elsewhere but I have not found anything or have failed to find Are Someone has been the same or similar and has been able to fix it ? Thanks
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Try deleting data and updates Play Store / Android Market and restart the phone.
If not, try closing session and reopen in Google Talk. I guess when he asked you to confirm your password (On Error Authentication) you will have the job, by the way.
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It's already found it. Not only have to clear data from the Play store as you say but must also delete data services framework GOOGLE and restart the phone, everything works now. Thanks
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Hi, The solution is: (which served to me) Settings -> Applications -> Memory Usage Memory Use the ALL option point out looking "google play store", you press enter and delete data After you search for "FRAME GOOGLE SERVICES ", you walk in and pressing delete data After this, restart the terminal Greetings
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For those who still have the problem, apparently there is a temporary solution: download an application from the Google Play Store on the web. Choose your smartphone or tablet that is you returns Error processing purchase [DF-30-BPA], and start the installation.

The Google Play store should no longer be a problem later. This solution seems to work for some, but I have not tested since I do not have the error.
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remove the Google accounts of the phone, then cancel all syncs. Then sign back into your Google account and sync. The problem should be solved.
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Delete your google account and sign in through play store. It has worked for me.
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