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I am really bad, notice. I have tried to remove the Launchpad and I can not and I do not see how to remove it. I want it removed because it does not work for me. For the moment I get black boxes on all sides and looks bad, like a virus or something... I don't know. Does someone has been something similar? What I browser you recommend I use?

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Thank you very much. To me it also was much better than Safari. I'm going to try to delete and re-install it to see if I get the problem. I tell you, is that I get black window, looks bad thing. And all the world says that you are not entering a virus on a Mac, but it looks like

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To uninstall Chrome, just go to the Finder, you're going to the Applications folder and from there you remove the Chrome.

I can not recommend another browser since Chrome is the one that I use myself and the truth that I is going very well, better than Safari, I would say.

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