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I have problem to connect to the internet with that error appears ps3 ye done everything to fix it but me I earn enough to say that I have a wifi connection for assistsin !!

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The error code 80710102 is a common mistake that affects the PlayStation 3. This code indicates a problem in the DNS server your ISP and prevent your console can connect to the Internet, you can not play online access to the PlayStation Store or surf. This problem can be solved manually changing the DNS server to which the console is connected
How to solve the error 80710102 NAT type?
Click on the icon "Settings" on the main screen, then click on "Network Settings".
Click "Configuring the Internet connection", then click on the icon "Yes". Click the "Customize" button.
Click the Internet connection method you use. The options are "cable" or "Wireless".
Use the "Auto-detect" Ethernet "Type Security" option and if you are using a wireless network. Enter your password if you use a router
wireless to connect.
Click the "Auto" option from the "Setting the IP address" then click the "not set (DHCP host name)" in the menu.
Click the "Manual" option and type "" to "Primary DNS" and "" to "Secondary DNS".
Click the "Auto" option to "MTU" and "no use" for the "Proxy Server".
Click "Enable" UPnP option and click the "X" button to save the settings. Press the "X" button again to test the connection. The PS3
will connect without error.
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