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How to connect the PS3 controller to PC

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Today we show you how to connect your Sixaxis or Dualshock 3 controller to your computer to play any game in a more comfortable way.
We Will Need:
-Command PS3
-Ds3 Tool (download from here)
-A USB cable to mini USB (photo), for example, that comes with the PS3 controller serves us.
-A Bluetooth dongle (if we play without cables)
The process is very simple, more than you think. We Started:
First, download DS3 tool and open it. We will go something like this:
The next step is to connect your remote to your PC via the USB cable. Once logged in, go to the "driver manager" tab. Once there appears us this:
Now we look where it says "hardware location", we have to find out what our DS3, for that, I disconnect and re-connect, and you look at what the disappears and reappears, that is our command. Select it by clicking the white square of the left and then click on "install all":
Once this is done, we will have installed the necessary drivers of command in our PC. Now back to the "Profiles" tab and see that we appeared command, as in this picture:
Now all we have to do is to click on the little circle of "Xbox 360 Controller emulator" and then Enable:
We will have our command ready to play. The next time you need to connect your remote to your PC, you just have to open the program, plug the knob, select "Xbox 360 Controller emulator" and enable. Needless to do all the steps of the drivers again.
As connect via Bluetooth:
To connect the controller via Bluetooth, we will:
1- We plugged the controller and the USB bluetooth dongle computer
2-Open the program and do the same process that we have to install the drivers of command, but this time selecting the bluetooth dongle.
3-We will pair the Bluetooth tab:

4-With attached by USB command, click in PAIR NOW, once done we can unplug the USB cable and the remote automatically connect via Bluetooth.
5-We repeat the process of establishing the controls as "Xbox 360 controller emulator" every time we connect command.
NOTE: Not all USB dongles are compatible with PS3 controllers, personally, I recommend you buy this, because this specifically manufactured for this, and I is the only one that has worked for me 3 I bought.

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