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How can I print out text messages from htc one m8?

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For many reasons, you may want to print your HTC a paper messages for display, petting, etc, but we will all find that things are not as easy as we imagine. Because text messages are always stored in the internal memory card of your phone and SIM card, so nobody can export this data from your HTC phone to the computer to print via a simple USB cable. Therefore, we must find another way to print text chat from their mobile phones from HTC for the role.
To get there, you have to find a way to export and save these messages as a format for printing on your computer. Well, we certainly can email our text messages mobile phone to the mail box and then print. But if we do, we will lose all the information on date and time. What's more, it could be a bit annoying if you have tried to do it through the email function on your phone. So here, we could'd highly recommend iPubsoft Transfer Android SMS to help all users to print text messages from their phones HTC as the HTC One Max, HTC Wildfire, HTC Sensation, etc, with all information as SMS date, time, name, etc perfectly manicured.
This tool can export all text conversation from your phone to your computer with a single click. And the exported CSV messages are saved as printable format. So you can open the file, read or edit the content on the PC, and then print it if your computer is connected to a printer.
Tips for print SMS (text messages) HTC Phones
Step 1: Connect your HTC phone to your computer
Connect your HTC phone to the computer via its USB cable and run the HTC Manager software. So what you need to do is just follow the instructions on the interface to open the USB debugging and install the USB driver on the telephone for the detected device.
Step 2: Preview and export SMS to computer
After detecting the device, you can view detailed information about your phone in the interface. Then select the "Contacts" button on the top panel, and continue, select "All SMS" in the left pane to read the whole conversation in the program as you like. After that, you can hit the "Backup" button to save these messages as CSV format on your PC desktop.
Step 3: Print the message
Locate and open the CSV file on your computer, then print directly out with a simple click.
As for me, you can use MobiKin Assistant for Android to transfer text messages from HTC to computer easily, then you can print out text messages from HTC phone directly.
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We need to find a way to export our messages to computer. Here, Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager offers you the most efficient and convenient way to reach your aim.

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We can use Coolmuster Android Assistant to transfer android phone text messages to computer first, the transferred text messages will saved in a printable format, we can just open it and print them out.

how to print out htc phone text messages

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How to print text messages ?You'd better export and save android messages to computer . Then use a third-party program to print out messages.

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You can firstly transfer those data to your pc, choose which to print.

I suggest you using a backup or transfer  tool, in that way, you can selectively transfer the messages you want, and which allows  you to transfer them in several kinds of formats.

Take this for a try,  print text messages from android.


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You need to transfer the text messages to pc from your HTC, and then save them as printable format, you can easily print them out with a printer. Print out SMS Messages from HTC Mobile Phone.

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Samsung Backup program can help you print android text message on your PC effortlessly in no time. Check the following step-by-step guide:
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