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How to lock and hide files in Windows Phone

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If you use a phone with Windows Phone, ever have the need to keep private all files you store on your device. So in this article I want to share how to lock and hide files in Windows Phone using the mobile application Matrix Vault which is available free for this platform. While there is much variety as in the case of Android and iOS, the reality is that if you can find good options to keep your data safe and secure.


how to hide and lock app on windows phone


Matrix Vault
This is an application that allows users to store their photos, passwords and other information using a master password. The password is basically a combination of 4 digits, but unlike traditional passwords, this password is changed every time the user opens the application. This dynamic password settings may take some time to digest, but once the process is achieved is quite intuitive. The steps to lock and hide files in Windows Phone are:
  • First access the application store for Windows Phone from your phone and download the Matrix Vault application.
  • Once you do this, you must run the application and then set the password that works in three stages.
  • In the first stage consists of a grid of small squares where four spaces must be selected in sequence and their positions stored.
  • After confirming the chosen spaces, each small individual squares occupy the same set of numbers that are repeated again and again.
  • Here are notate any of the digits that appear in the chosen boxes and taken in the same sequence then form a 4-digit number.
In the third stage of the setup password, you must define a virtual platform marking net positions digit grid lines entering the 4-digit number that has been previously formed and will serve to unlock the application or the vault.
Within this vault can store photos in the gallery, save a new contact or take notes secretly. While the data remain within this vault will be safe and protected.
Private Hube
As a further alternative you can also use the Private Hub application, which also allows you to store different types of files within the application itself. Note that the application is protected with a password to prevent unauthorized access, so you can store information such as album with all the photos in the gallery phone, save videos, contact information, plus you can also keep a record of all online accounts. Not only that, users can store all the notes you create on your phone and also have the option to create backups to restore the protected content and store it in the service cloud storage OneDrive.
In any case the most important thing is to make sure you have a backup of all data stored on the phone so that multiple sources from which to retrieve be taken.
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