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How to remove or add a fingerprint more in Touch ID of your iPhone or iPad

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The touch iD was first incorporated in an Apple device in the release of the iPhone 5S, is one of the security enhancements that Apple has integrated half that develops iOS is gaining more importance.
Apple defines us as the Touch ID, Security: right at your fingertips. Your fingerprint is the perfect password because always are carrying and nobody can guess. Our revolutionary technology uses a sensor Touch ID fingerprint identification for unlocking your phone as easy as insurance. And with the latest iOS 8 and Touch ID, your fingerprint will open the door to much more in an instant.
So far he had not had chance to try the Touch ID continuously, with the arrival of my iPhone 6 has been fixed and the truth is that I liked a lot.
It is set to launch the iPhone, but over time I realized to do more productive, I mean, by default one commonly used index finger, but then you realize that the thumb is more useful, here are two possibilities remove the index or adding a digital footprint more, iOS allows you two options, here we go.
How to add a digital footprint over the Touch ID.
You must follow the path Settings> Touch ID and code, it will ask for the security code if you have it on, something more than recommended....
Here you select Add a trace ... will ask the setup process, put your finger in different positions to see the different readings that the Touch ID can do.
When you finish a new Finger appear in the field of Fingerprints
How to remove a fingerprint of Touch ID
This process is very fast, follows the former route, Settings> Touch ID and code, and this just select the finger you want to delete in the Fingerprint field.
A new window where you have to select Delete Footprint is displayed.
Just mark quBien, as you have seen are two very simple processes, in my case I have enabled two fingerprints, thumb and index much more comfortable to use.


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