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Good was putting relations Siri and say Alex is my friend I was wrong for Alex and now when I say call my friend called me the other Alex who is not my friend, I tried everything to remove this relationship with "Alex is not my friend "have also entered into Contacts and see if he could remove the relationship from there but not ... anyone know how to remove it? Thank

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Hi, I have a problem, but is just the opposite to what is explained here, relationships have only wife, assistant and head. Nor let me edit and / or create new ones. Not me, no mother, no father, etc. appears nothing more nor brother Can anyone tell me how to make appear? Thank You
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It was with the same problem in terms of a relationship but we'll solve it the way you mentioned in
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A few days ago commented as creating relationships between contacts you have on your iPad or iPhone with Siri, in comments a question arose as to remove a relationship created honestly do not know how but comments also appeared response, a reader, David, I said how, make this post indicating it is supported by some screenshots.
So if the relationship you have created will not intersa because it no longer is in effect, you confundieses to create or whatever have the ability to remove it.
To delete the relationship you have to go to your Contacts tab, select your name there, the one you use Siri, you'll see a screen like below
Here you can see all social relationships that you created from your contacts. To modify or delete any relationship you only have to give the edit button.
Whenever Siri will be greater use Siri in our devices and such actions may come in handy.
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