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HOW TO VIEW HIDDEN FILES IN MY ANDROID? samsung galaxy s5 s6 htc m8 lg g2 and g3 sony xperia z2 z3 or other android smart phones

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For many reasons or "pure and simple curiosity" users of a mobile device with Android operating system can ever want or need to see hidden files that are on your device. However, it is worth mentioning that many manufacturers let you those invisible to the end user files for good reason, so it is advisable not to tinker with them by moving them to different locations or modifying them (and you might end up damaging the operating system functionality or as such).
Anyway after this notation, you can start the tutorial and provide "hands-on" starting download a file manager that "look beyond the obvious" and show that such extensions are hidden from view any unsuspecting. Surely there are many applications that meet these conditions but so far the easiest to use is Astro which has a number of exciting features for:
  • File Management,
  • Search files,
  • Integration with files in the cloud,
  • Viewing images,
  • Networking,
  • Zip compression,
  • Control of tasks,
  • Backup applications,
  • Integration for the use of SD cards.
Anyway after this brief account of the most remarkable features of Astro, if the author never speaks fixing the display of hidden files and folders, making it more difficult to detect such functionality if you have not interacted with App beforehand. For this reason, I have to show me step by step to see hidden files in your phone:
Open Astro,
  • Go to the folder to be scanned,
  • Properties button - View Settings (in English "View Settings"),
  • In the checklist select "show hidden files"
  • Ready and can be pre-view hidden files and folder visible selected. When changing folder must redo the same process.


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