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 I want to play online seasons and all goes well, I find an opponent and when I want to start playing, it takes a little piece in connecting up jumping an error that says. "He has lost connection with your opponent may be a problem of translation of Network Address Translation (NAT) yours or your opponent. currently your NAT is MODERATE. If you have constant connection problems, see references help.ea.com/mx on configuring your NAT as OPEN ".

The point is that going there and find nothing to solve my problem. I also was looking on the internet how to configure the router (Linksys E900) and did not work. I bought the game thinking about the online and the truth could only play one game. The rest I get the error and i do not know what else to do.

I hope I can lend a hand.

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I found the same ports as you. I walked playing Router configuration and it seems that I managed to solve. At least I played 10 games easy and no problem. He seems to be solved!

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I did a couple of days ago ... (With fibertel is a brothel that you have to reset the modem) and re costing me hooked parties now ... and latency almost unnoticeable I improve, you noticed a difference?
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Search tutorials open or free ports router
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9 out of 10 times I try to connect to an opponent online I get a message saying my NAT is set to moderate, so I can't connect. I'm playing on a PC!

If there is a solution to this I would be very greatful. Thanks in advance!
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Hi guys,
Please try opening the ports listed here.
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Already did. Still says Your NAT is "moderate". Those ports did not work.
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Exactly the same here. Opened all ports and even DMX but still i am type 2 nat, which ps4 says is fine but Fifa keep saying im moderate and cannot connect to about 50% of matches.
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