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How to open NAT settings on your Xbox 360

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If you are having trouble joining online games on the Xbox 360 console, or if you can not hear other players in games that you've joined, you may have a problem of network address. 
The NAT on an Xbox 360 is set to open, moderate or estricta.Los last two NATs limit the connections that your Xbox 360 can be done with other consoles on the network: Moderate NATs can connect only with consoles using moderate and open NAT, and strict NATs can connect only with consoles using NAT abiertos.La conclusion is that you want a configuration in order to connect with other players without open NAT problems. 
Is it a NAT issue? 
First, find out if your connection problem is a problem of NAT. 
1 On your Xbox 360 console, open My Xbox. 
2 Choose System Configuration. 
3 Choose Network Configuration. 
4 Select Wired Network or the name of your wireless network. 
5 Select Test Xbox LIVE Connection. 
If you have a NAT problem, you'll see a yellow exclamation mark and text that reads "Your NAT type is set to [strict or moderate]. '
Opening NAT settings 
First, you need to gather information about the network: 
1 On a PC connected to the network, click Start, and type cmd in the field of búsqueda.Prensa Enter. 
2 In the window that appears, type ipconfig and press Enter.
Configuración IP de Windows
3 Look under the heading for connection to the network - which will most likely find listed as Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection - and record the numbers given by the following: 
IPv4 address (or IP address) 
Subnet Mask 
Default Gateway 
Secondly, you need to enable Universal Plug and Play for the router. 
1 On a PC connected to the network, open a Web browser. 
2 Type the number of default gateway (previously recorded) in the address bar and press Enter. 
3 Enter the username and password for your username and password router.Nombre default varies based on the model router.Si are unsure of your username and password by default, see the documentation for your router or find them using the guide on the website Port Forward.Si information someone changes default login and you do not know, have to restart the router. 
4 Make sure UPnP is activado.Consulte the documentation for your router, if you can not find the UPnP setting. 
5 Restart your Xbox 360 and run the connection test again. 
If the router does not have UPnP, or turning on UPnP NAT not open, you need to assign a static IP address to your Xbox 360 and configure port forwarding. 
1 In the Network Settings menu on your Xbox 360 console, select the Basic Settings tab. 
2 Select Manual. 
3 Select IP Address. 
4 Take the number of Default Gateway you noted, adding 10 to the last número.Por example, if your default gateway is, the new number is new number is the IP address static, enter the IP address and then select Done. 
5 Select Subnet Mask, enter the number of the subnet mask that you have previously recorded, then choose Done. 
6 Select Input, enter the number of Default Gateway you noted, then choose Done. 
7 Select Done again. 
8 In a PC connected to the network, open a Web browser and log into your router interface. 
9 Open the following ports: 
Port 88 (UDP) 
Port 3074 (UDP and TCP) 
Port 53 (UDP and TCP) 
Port 80 (TCP) 
If you are unsure of how to open ports on your router, see the documentation for your router or the guide on the Port Forward website. 
Still no luck? 
If you have performed all the steps above, and the connection test still reports a value of moderate or strict NAT, turn off the Xbox 360 console and the router, wait 60 seconds and restart the router.Espere 60 seconds longer, and then turn on the Xbox 360 console and try again. 
You can also try to enter the static IP address you created earlier in the DMZ field settings router.Conéctese to your router interface, find DMZ Host, type the static IP address, and then apply the changes.


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