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How to restore from pc  my huawei Y200 ?


Delete a file and now my phone will not turn are stuck on restart,
remove a file in a system / lib folder by mistake,
tell me that I can do?
and restore it from a computer ?? why not start at all

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I'm the same as you and I have no recovery. if you remember you deleted download and have a zip file of that file enters the recovery of your Y200 one rom to Y200 open the archive to another rooted com the ZIPme application android (by pressing volume up + power on your phone) and rom update or something like select the file and reboots the phone. if you can not other option would be to consiguas the original rom y2oo with someone who has your same phone but with a recovery as cmwr or tmwr aya backed his rom. I hope you understand :)
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or better Promo complete the system lib folder you have downloaded the rom com zipme and install it in recovery and if your phone is released install a recovery from pc.e install another rom
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