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How to Make a Hard Reset AOC MW0711 tablet

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AOC MW0711 This model is generalized by Spanish-speaking countries, focusing on the Latino market. Surely this acceptance of the AOC MW0711 is due to that delivers power and very good performance for a reasonably low price.
The AOC MW0711 is a tablet with 1GB of RAM, 8 GB of flash memory to store applications and running at 1.2Ghz processor. Perhaps the weakness of the AOC MW0711 is that the processor is mononuclear, at a time when the tablets and phones already have all two four cores. But let us understand that this tablet AOC for ultra attributable to a tablet platform normal duties, performs very successfully.
However, as happens to any computer after a while and try, sometimes applications and / or games that end up "breaking" Agility Android operating system is installed, and our AOC MW0711 may become unusable or so slow that warrants a solution. Also we may have forgotten the key lock pattern. Any of these problems are solved with a HARD RESET.
Following these steps we leave the Android factory-fresh. In return, you will lose all your data including files, applications and games installed. It is a drastic much, but if this does not recover the performance of your AOC MW0711, then you're in trouble.
  • We started off with the tablet (and charged your battery to 100%)
  • We press the POWER button for 2 seconds, and then we press the VOLUME UP button to enter the recovery menu.
  • Select the option WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET browsing the menu VOLUME keys and choosing indicated by the POWER button.
  • SI asks us confirmation, we say yes. We waited some time to do the HARD RESET.
  • When finished, it will ask to reboot the tablet REBOOT SYSTEM NOW. We select this option with the POWER button and waited some more and then restarted at the one HARD RESET, takes longer than usual.
  • With this simple procedure, our AOC MW0711 good as new.
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