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how to fix itunes error 9 while upgrading

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Error 9: This error occurs when the device unexpectedly disconnects the USB bus and communication is interrupted. This can occur if the device is manually disconnected during the restore process. This problem can be solved by applying one of the solutions to problems of isolation USB: use a USB cable Dock, try another USB port, perform the restore on another computer or eliminate conflicts caused by third-party security software .

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Fix iPhone error 9
1. Check USB Port & Connector
2. Try with a Different Computer
3. Try to Use Certified USB Cable
4. Check Anti-Virus and Firewall
5. Upgrade PC Programs
5. Try RecoveryTool

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Coming across error 9 in iTunes when trying to update or restore your iPhone/iPad? Don’t worry. This guide will tell you five 5 simple ways to fix it in minutes
Causes of iTunes Error 9
As described in the Apple support page, the error can be triggered when:
Interruption of USB connection due to damaged ports, faulty cable, etc.
Security software or firewall blocks access to Apple servers.
iPhone is in the jailbroken state.
Network settings are corrupted.
Method 1. Check USB Port & Cable
Method 2. Check Anti-Virus & Firewall
Method 3. Update iTunes to Latest Version
Method 3. Using FoneDog - iOS System Recovery for fixing Error 9 upon updating and restoring
Step 1. Download install and launch FoneDog - iOS System Recovery
Step 2. Download Firmware
Step 3. Repairing iOS Error 9
With above 3 simple methods, you may have successfully fixed the error 9 in iTunes. If you have any trouble with this post or FoneDog - iOS System Recovery, then comment below, we will go through your issue and try to solve it as soon as possible. Get more from FoneDog - iOS Data Recovery now >
Here is a free trial program for you to fix iPhone Error 9 when updating and restoring, FoneDog iOS System Recovery.you can search on Google with FoneDog
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