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Good morning.

A few days ago I decided to spend the ios 9 and after download itunes fimware, right at the end gives me the error 48, I tried everything that I managed to get off the latest version but apple and not the firm so neither can leave it as it was . Anyone know what I do?

Thank you

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the latest version is always signed, just plug your iPhone and check for updates.

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Thanks for the help.

Connect iPhone to iTunes and I recognize it, download the latest version and start the installation process, just down get the error 48 and the phone I got locked in UDF mode, tell you that I've tried the process in 2 computers and over 10 times and it always repeats the same
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Reinstall iTunes, I sometimes I stood a restoration in half and had to reinstall iTunes to recognize iPhone and would restore.
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Try to replace battery..some work
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