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Hi. Good morning to everybody. It's the first time I enter the forum.

I have a problem, after the last update of my phone's operating system. This was last week approx. 03/23/2019 I started to feel strange to my cell phone. Within the things that started to happen. When I put it to load the screen after a while it starts to get colored and ends up turning green. This had never happened to me. It did not get wet. It is not root. It is totally original. I have it 2 years ago. I bought it again.

I would like to know if the same thing has happened to someone. And how to solve it.

Thanks to those who read me and if they have any solution I appreciate it. Good week for all

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Hello, the same thing also happens to me.

I consider that due to an update it establishes that when the cell phone is loaded, it appears on the screen what you say is annoying, especially at night. I just touched the power button and the screen goes off and frees me from that rainbow.

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Hi. At the time the green screen indicates malfunction. Now that changed?
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